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Magic, elves and other happy elves have always aroused a certain admiration among many gamers (and non-gamers!). Anxious to be able to experience unusual, utopian and dreamlike adventures, the developers have hardly been deaf to this request and are deploying more and more games imbued with magic. While our real daily life remains disrupted by a global crisis that refuses to fade completely, let’s take the time to fully immerse ourselves in a particularly enchanting world for those who know how to look with their heart.

Take me to your pretty little world…


A magical land in which evolves an anthology of more or less alluring little critters, each with their strengths and adorable flaws. Like any great adventure story, the gears have come to rust, and the tranquility of the place is quickly tormented by a few ogres thirsty for terror and destruction. A classic synopsis, but one that finally echoes in the minds of the most poetic among us… while it’s time to gather all our magic accessories to take part in the adventure.

The player evolves into the skin of a little elf, like a brave little red riding hood, who no longer knows who he is… While the inhabitants of the places in which he landed wonder about him, his magic skills quickly increase. make it essential in the reconstruction of the premises. Indeed, you (Chabo, but the player is free to choose his name) are able to give birth to parcels of territory from magic eggs. A true gift from heaven, the future of the region is in your hands…

Me, magic and my friends

Each territory created will be the seat of new adventures. The latter is indeed divided into different phases, giving rise to some more or less difficult wanderings (rather less at the beginning… then a little more afterwards!). The time will then be to deploy your skills according to boxes that will open to you thanks to a die indicating the number of moves you will be able to travel. The path will then be filled with some pitfalls, including fights, but also some fruitful harvests. In addition, you will never really be alone… the many friendships are indeed the very heart of the title, well beyond its turn-based battles, which are rather anecdotal despite everything (you will have to make your allies play, but also luck through the dice).

Friendship is at the very heart of Egglia. The characters are also particularly verbose (let’s go so far as to say, too much!), especially since the software is not translated into French… the player will in fact have to be content with the language of Shakespeare over the miles of dialogues whose title is provided. Nevertheless, the good humor, the humor, and the few funny stagings are to be underlined and make it possible to make the talk considerably shorter.

Your friendships will therefore be multiple, and you will have to maintain them. For this, the discussion will be required, but also the deployment of gifts, and mutual aid to close multiple quests. Thus, your popularity with the inhabitants will be increased tenfold, your experience increasingly high and in fact, your skills always better. Here’s something to take care of…

Magical land and servant spirits

Your friends will also be ready to lend a hand during your escapades in unknown territories. However, they will not be alone… since magical spirits will complete your arsenal. The latter are drawn to your kitchen, which stands in funny magical flowers at the very heart of your ever-changing village. You already perceive the journey… the spirits require recipes, which themselves require many ingredients. There is no more !

With distinct characteristics and a few skills of their own, the spirits will be quality servants who will be of great help to you during your escapades. Capable of becoming even more efficient, your panoply will be more and more powerful and will not fail to be decisive on the battlefield. Do you know what spirits like? Potatoes ! Yes yes, potatoes will be grown on your plot of land to feast with the spirits… the magic is fantastic!

If you thought you had made the rounds of the originalities of the software, it is not so! We will abstain from revealing to you all the little surprises that will soon come to frolic on your increasingly rich lands (while funny dwarves will be delighted to build you anything and everything… like courageous and hardworking carpenters!) . However, one of them, available early in the adventure, caught our attention: the planting of magic seeds to turn them into…jewels!

When it comes to a magical universe, anything is possible…

Fairy, are you there?

The adventure is punctuated by multiple magical interludes… while the eggs crack and deliver their share of mystery one by one, ready to be discovered by brave explorers, eager for collections and friendships.

The developers offer us according to the graphics of Egglia, a poetic, colorful and certainly not lacking in charm. Some might well see a certain resemblance to Secret of mana… even if the quality is still not as dazzling as its example. Nevertheless, it remains a very acceptable result that will delight the eyes of many players, on television or directly on a laptop.

The app does not have touch support.

The music and sound effects, meanwhile, are intertwined in this magical universe. Some melodies can nevertheless show a little redundancy, but without worsening the pleasure of playing.

Small flat, however, on the loading times, which, although relatively short, remain quite frequent and can cause a certain slowdown in the pace for the most seasoned players.

Remember that the title Egglia was released on mobile (IOS and Android) in 2017. The Switch version has a nice graphic overhaul, but also significant additional content with new missions and new characters.

Egglia Rebirth is available on the Nintendo Switch eshop for around 18 euros.

Did you know ?

A trial version of Egglia: Legend of the Recap is available on mobile… ideal for those who still hesitate to take the plunge!

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