“If you want to be part of the adventure, I’m sure everyone will accept, but you will have to show the desire to be here”

While the Sixers were on a good streak and seemed in the running for one of the top spots in the Eastern Conference, here they are on 3 straight losses. Even if it’s nothing to worry about losing to the Suns, who have the best record in the league, it’s impossible to imagine that Philadelphia could aim higher by transferring Ben Simmons before tomorrow’s deadline. However Joel Embiid who is becoming more and more boss in this team, absolutely does not close the door on a return of the Australian to the roster for the end of the season if the front office decides not to move by tomorrow.

“As I’ve been saying since the start of the season, I’m happy. Anyone who wants to play here will be welcome. However, we already have guys who want to be there and they show it night after night. I don’t know how else to put it, but I get paid to get results and win games. I don’t get paid to babysit Tyrese Maxey, but I’m here to challenge him to help me win games. I get paid to do the same with Tobias and everyone else so they’ll be there every night. They do the same with me and everyone knows it’s nothing personal. I’m always on their backs and they constantly answer me because we all have the same goal: to win. Joel Embiid

Difficult here, not to see disguised attacks on Ben Simmons who had not accepted the criticisms of the Cameroonian following the debacle against the Hawks during the last playoffs. For Embiid, a professional player must accept questioning. The goal doesn’t seem to be to push anyone down, but to pull the team up, which obviously didn’t work with the Aussie.

“If you want to be part of the adventure, I’m sure everyone will be ok with that, but you have to show yourself, you have to show the desire to be here. I’m sure everyone will accept that for anyone. But you know, to answer your questions, I only care about the guys who are here and if you’re here, I’m going to challenge you. We will all try to challenge each other to win a title.” Joel Embiid

Despite the speeches of Joel Embiid, the situation today seems to be at the bottom of an impasse. Given the stubbornness of Ben Simmons, it seems unlikely to see him reconsider his positions and put on the Sixers jersey this season. A transfer is therefore inevitable even if Daryl Morey could wait until the next offseason. The drama is in any case currently at its climax and the suspense could reign until the last minutes before the deadline.


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