8 Young Companions of the Mediterranean on a sailboat expected in Bastia in June 2023

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It is the Boat Project which recruits 8 young adults tempted by this adventure which goes from port to port for a journey of 9 months. From Marseille to Tangier, Barcelona, ​​Algiers, Genoa, Tunis, Palermo and Bastia.

At the origin of this idea for educational purposes the association Beit Project which details the project with in Mare Latinu Claudia Benitez:

Connecting living together and the Mediterranean environment

“Distances are widening between the shores of the Mediterranean following the various crises that have shaken this space, including the health crisis, and _“the other shore” appears more frightening and distant every day_. Other cultures, religions, customs or languages ​​with which shore too often rhymes with rival.”

8 Mediterranean ports for this Boat project
8 Mediterranean ports for this Boat project
beit project

“The selected Companions of the Mediterranean will travel during the academic year 2022/23 between these 8 cities aboard a beautiful sailboat and carry out at each stopover educational activities that they will have developed themselves. These workshops, around the themes of living together, will bring together students from very different backgrounds.”

To know better the Boat Project

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