Beijing Express 2022 – Arlette confides in her role as a single mother: “After seven months, he left…”

From the first test of Beijing Express, on the lands of the golden eagle, broadcast this Thursday, February 10 on M6, the mother-daughter pair showed the full extent of their complicity. A single mother, Arlette has always wanted to make Caroline’s dreams come true.

Their beautiful complicity is likely to touch the viewers. This Thursday, February 10, Arlette and Caroline took part in the race of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle, broadcast on M6. Inseparable, mother and daughter could not see do this amazing adventure without each other. Strengthened by this beautiful relationship, the two Toulonnaises have always been able to overcome the trials of life. Even the most painful. As she prepared for Caroline’s birth, Arlette did not expect to be abandoned by her daughter’s father. “I got pregnant, around 30, and then after seven months of pregnancy, he left, confides the mother of the family. From then on, Arlette found herself alone raising her sweet Caroline. “I gave her all my love for two”she concludes with great emotion.

Grateful to her mother, Caroline is ready to do anything to thank her. From then on, the young girl only aspires to one thing: offer him the victory of this adventure in the lands of the golden eagle. “Taking my mother to the final of Beijing Expressit would be saying ‘thank you’ for everything she has done”, declares the bubbly blonde. A gift that would be worth all the gold in the world in the eyes of this very protective mother. “I think we will have completed something”, concludes with tenderness Arlette. It must be said that the duo was impatiently waiting to be able to participate in this adventure, as Caroline revealed to our colleagues from Var-Midi. We have always dreamed of participating in this show. We watched it together, (…), when I was a teenager”. After receiving almost 900 applications, the program team decided to give this adorable duo a chance. Accomplices and complementary, Arlette and Caroline are determined to turn their dream into reality.

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Beijing Express 2022: Caroline and Arlette turned upside down by their adventure

In a word ? “Unforgettable”. It is in this term that Arlette described her experience at Beijing Express in the columns of Var-Midi. During the first stage in Kyrgyzstan, the mother was literally conquered by the landscape. Difficult for his daughter to say otherwise. “Discovering the landscape, I was blown away! We were amazed. The landscapes are sublime, all along the route. It’s really worth the detour.”

If the panorama remains forever etched in their memory, the same goes for their meetings with the locals. “That was the most moving thing.admits Caroline. We met people who had nothing, but who gave us everything they could.” Faced with so much generosity and kindness on the part of their hosts, Arlette got it “a great life lesson”. “We are very generous by nature, but this adventure showed us that we had to give without counting”. Memories that impose themselves as a beautiful revenge on life.

Photo credits: Patrick Robert / M6

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