After the interactive novel Bury me, my love (Bury me, my Love), Tea Pixel Hunt again joined forces with ARTE France to produce a brand new game, this time inspired by Inuit spirituality and carefully based on extensive research with Inuit artists. It is Inua – A Story in Ice and Timealso produced with the help ofIko, a company specializing in both the production of fiction films and documentaries, but also in the exploration of video games and virtual reality. The game will be available tomorrow, February 10downloadable from nintendo Switch, computer (Steam), android and iOS. It can be pre-ordered now on theeShop and the Nintendo website at the price of €13.49 instead of €14.99 until February 16. The Android and iOS versions will cost €4.99. Of course, Inua will be fully playable in French, but also in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time is a point and click narrative adventure game set in the Canadian Far North with a story influenced by Inuit tales and legends. It was imagined by Natalie Frassoni and Frederic Herdsmanand adapted in collaboration with the Inuit author Thomassie Mangiok ofInuit Arts Foundation and the advisers Monica Ittusardjuat and Billy Gauthier. We owe the poetic artistic direction to Delphine Fourneau of the collective Klondike with music composed by the Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq. ARTE affirms that his compositions confer a supernatural dimension to Inua which sets out to meet Inuit culture, where we follow the destinies of three protagonists intertwining through different eras within a lost expedition.

Inua proposes multiple levels of reading in addition to a temporal adventure. For example, the fates of the three main characters also reveal the links that local communities have with their lost expedition. We are promised a long adventure of about 3 hourswhere it will take manipulate space-time and explore several scenes imagined like dioramas to be rotated in order to discover the sets and interact with the characters. We can thus discover ice islands, Nunavut region, northern Canada and more by navigating from one era to another, but also controlling the minds of the characters by giving them ideas collected as the epic progresses by solving puzzles, which will trigger in them an action or a reflection. In addition to developing the characters, this way of playing will also change the course of history in different ways.

Inua mixes myth and reality based on a mysterious event that took place in the middle of the 19th century. A British mission in the Arctic, made up of two ships sent to conquer the Northwest Passage, disappeared into the ice without leaving a trace. It is unclear what happened to the 130 men who were part of the crew, led by Captain John Franklin, and one could only assume that they were going to be victims of shipwreck, polar cold, diseases or even a mutiny. These two ships were the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus. It was not until 2014 and 2016 that they were finally found.

The game is therefore inspired by this historical fact, but also by Inuit legends. The three protagonists must travel the same places in the Canadian Far North decades apart. So there is Taina, a journalist whose mission is to cover the discovery of the wrecks of the two HMS at the beginning of the 21st century and to unravel the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of the Terror in particular. Then there is To fart, whose fate is mysteriously linked to that of Taïna. It is about a young American filmmaker who took part in a military expedition in the 1950s. Finally, there is Simon, also linked to Taïna and Peter. He is none other than a sailor from Captain John Franklin’s expedition, who will try to do everything to keep his teammates alive… The goal of this great adventure will also be to guide the three protagonists towards Nanurlukthe mythical polar bear who lived 10,000 years ago.

Note that this new game from the creators ofBury me, my love and of Thumbnails was entitled to a production co-financed by PICTANOVO under the Video Game Backgrounds, with the support of the Hauts-de-France Region. The project was also supported by the FAJVand the funds were co-financed by the CNC and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

A mystical game in the Canadian far north
Embark on a mystical journey to the Canadian far north in Inua: a Story in Ice and Time, a point-and-click narrative adventure set across multiple eras.
Meet Taïna, a contemporary journalist determined to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the Terror, one of the ships of the Franklin Expedition whose goal was to explore the Arctic in the 19th century. His fate is mysteriously linked to that of Peter, a young filmmaker taking part in a military expedition in the 1950s, and that of Simon, a sailor from the Franklin expedition trying by all means to keep his crew alive.

Navigate through the ages to discover what binds them together. Search for ideas, breathe them into the minds of the characters and guide them to Nanurluk, the mythical polar bear who lived 10,000 years ago.

A fantastic time experience
Go on an adventure in the great Canadian north, navigate through the ages and interact with the past to modify the present. In Inua, you will have to unravel space-time to solve puzzles and guide the characters. As you move from scene to scene and era to era, bring to light the events of the past. You will be able to discover new ideas and breathe them into the characters in order to help them overcome the obstacles that will stand in their way, and change the course of history.

A historical fresco
At the base of the original and supernatural scenario of Inua, a very real story: that of the Franklin expedition, a British mission of the XIXth century which aimed to explore the Arctic. Shipwreck, disease, mutiny: by gathering clues, discover the story of this expedition, whose fate is still largely unknown.

  • A fantasy epic based on incredible historical facts
  • An extraordinary story, influenced by Inuit tales and legends, based on extensive research with Inuit artists and with the participation of Inuit advisors and an author.
  • Original puzzles centered on the manipulation of space and time.
  • A game designed by the creators of Enterre-moi, mon Amour and Vignettes, adapted from an original story by Nathalie Frassoni and Frédéric Bouvier, under the breathtaking artistic direction of Delphine Fourneau from the Klondike collective.
  • A deep narrative experience of approximately 3 hours.

The developers have shared a lot of exciting information about the development in several articles to find on the official page of the game on Steam. There is also the The Pixel Hunt official website and that ofARTE France. If the know-how of the creators intrigues you, know that they are currently working on a brand new game: a 3D visual novel on “real” themes entitled The Wreck.

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