Pyrénées-Orientales: Jean Palau tries the adventure The Voice

The most famous telecrochet in France The Voice resumes its rights in prime time from this Saturday, February 12. For this 11th season, the mountain will particularly vibrate since Jean Palau has been selected to reach the famous “Blind Auditions”. Back, with this mountaineer, farmer at the Ferme du Rialet, on this fantastic adventure which, we hope, will go well beyond the 1st premium.

Jean, have you been in the world of music and singing for a long time?

I started music at the age of 8 at the Perpignan Music Conservatory, specializing in trumpet and transverse flute. Around 16-17 years old, I did some radio hooks like Melodissimo. It had opened the doors for me to make piano bars, and allowed me to work in different orchestras.

However, you are known here more for your job as a farmer.

Indeed, when I met Denis Corrieu, my husband, there was work at Ferme Le Rialet, which we have been running for 15 years. The beginnings being very difficult and without employees, I completely abandoned the music.

How did you come back to music?

The operation has grown, evolved and we have been able to take on employees. And for the past two years, I have been able to give myself a little more time to rediscover my passion. I set up a small recording studio at home to be able to sing and post some videos on social networks.

What made you want to do The Voice?

My nephew Antoine came to the farm for the season this summer and he heard me sing. He said to me, “Uncle, you have to do The Voice! “. I replied that it was too big for me, but that I agreed to do a singing competition in the region.

This is where the adventure begins!

And yes, because I did a singing competition in Cannes, a competition which I won in front of 48 candidates. And the sponsor of this competition was Bruno Berberes who is none other than the casting director of The Voice. Two after the competition, he called me to offer me to pass the selections of The Voice.

I was bottle feeding the calves when I learned of my selection!

And here you are in the contest…

It’s incredible and especially this emotional lift, with this contrast of the scene, the three stages of selection, the TV sets and the return to the Farm. But I tasted it!

How did you learn your final selection?

They called Denis who told me while filming himself. I thought he was doing a live on the farm Facebook. I exploded with joy but in my head because I was bottle-feeding a calf! I was of course very moved by saying to myself: “My God, it is not possible! »

How did you feel about the TV recording?

Already, we are going to be confronted with a judgment, and from well-known people, so it is very stressful. In particular when you enter the set and see four red armchairs turned over, and marked with the first names of Florent (Pagny), Amel (Bent), Marc (Lavoine) and Vianney. You have to surpass yourself. Fortunately I only keep the adrenaline jitters and stay in touch with the moment. We later learned that there was a mystery coach, Nolwenn Leroy.

All of La Llagonne, where you are also deputy mayor, is behind you?

Yes, I am very touched. With Denis, we are a gay couple, we run a farm and we don’t do anything very common. In our mountain village, we are judged for what we are and not as a stereotype of society. Saturday evening, I will be surrounded by my village family, in addition to my own family. And I’m going to discover like everyone else, the images of the show. There are going to be a lot of emotions.

So, did the coaches look back on Jean Palau’s performance during the blind audition? Answer Saturday!Saturday February 12. La Llagonne. 9 p.m. in the village hall. Broadcast on a giant screen of The Voice in the presence of Jean Palau

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