The front pages of the day, Friday February 11: Pécresse on the tightrope; Presidential: Macron buys time; A new nuclear adventure

Valérie Pécresse on the tightrope on the front page of La Croix

The candidate Les Républicains will hold her first major meeting on Sunday February 13 in Paris, to relaunch her campaign

Candidacy: Macron still wants to save time on La Une du Figaro

The Head of State’s campaign system is in place but he maintains the suspense over his candidacy to leave his competitors in the dark.

Gasoline prices on the highway, Record broken on the front page of Le Parisien

With high operating costs and “captive” customers, motorway service stations charge very high pump prices. On average, a liter of diesel and gasoline sells for thirteen cents more than on national roads.

The bet of a new nuclear adventure on the front page of Les Echos

The return of the nuclear “great adventure” announced by the President of the Republic with the construction of six EPR2 reactors, then eight reactors by 2050 is an extremely ambitious plan. It remains to be seen whether EDF will be able to develop the necessary technical and financial capacity.

Public spending: where have the rigorists gone? in the headlines

From now on, the expenditure is uninhibited: even with the approach of the presidential election, neither the politicians nor the bosses call to count the billions of euros which, apparently, are flowing

Education Chess and Maths on the front page of Liberation

Since 2019, the reform of the baccalaureate has weakened the place of maths in high school. Having become optional in first class, the discipline is deserted, especially by girls. Faced with fears of a drop in the overall level, a widening of inequalities and a shortage of scientists, the minister is backtracking.

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