The Villa of Broken Hearts 7: after Léna, another candidate leaves the adventure

The Villa of Broken Hearts 7

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A new candidate has just left the filming of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7. Her identity is to be discovered here.

It’s only been a few days since filming for La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7 began and there’s already a lot going on! We remind you that the starting cast was made up of Charlotte and Giovanni from 10 perfect couples 5, Camille FromentLena, Carla Talon, Nico Ferrero, Flo from Marseille, Emma from Vacances des Anges 4 and Yannick from Married at first sight. With them, there are also 3 anonymous candidates who are Julien, Elyza and Isabelle! But this cast has already changed a lot, since there have already been two departures… And the first concerns Léna who decided to return to France, because she missed someone too much!

And to replace Léna in the cast of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7, he thinks we should see Cassandra again on the show. If so, it will be the third time that she will find Lucy, the love coach. But unlike season 6, she will be there as a single person and not as a couple in crisis! On the side of the departures, we have also just learned that an anonymous candidate has also left the shooting… According to the Instagram account @shayaratv, it would be Elyza! For the moment, we do not know the reasons for her departure… But what is certain is that she will not last long!

Reconciliations and clashes in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7

If there are quite hasty departures, there are also reconciliations on the set. Still according to @shayaratv, Nico Ferrero and Carla would be very close, just like Flo and Isabelle. We also learn that Giovanni and Emma would also be in full rapprochement. In addition, there are also clashes… From the beginning of the adventure, Flo and Nico Ferrero would have taken the lead. The reason ? Benjamin Samat! However, the two boys were very good friends. They had even spent confinement together with Benjamin Samat in Marseille…. But that was before!

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