and if it was a Ponote named Amalia?

From the height of her 17 years, the Ponote Amalia Lopes advances in life with lightness. And it is also with this one that she approaches the national election of Miss 15/17 which will take place on Saturday February 19 in Paris.

Amalia has always been passionate about fashion. By passing her general baccalaureate next June, she hopes to be able to enter a law school.

His goal ? Become a lawyer in fashion, luxury and design law. With her meter sixty-six, she became interested in modeling. Amalia finally chose to turn to the miss contest. “I went there innocently, without any particular expectation. »

First Altiligerienne to represent the region

A choice that her mother, Françoise, did not necessarily understand at first: “I had a lot of preconceptions… The first time I had to go see a miss contest, I didn’t want to. . The speeches of the young women moved me, I started to change my outlook. »

And the evolution continued by looking closely at what Amalia was going through. Without really expecting it, she won the title of Miss Auvergne in her category in October. “It’s the first time that an Altiligerian represents the region”, proudly specifies the mother.

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Manage my choices

Mother and daughter discovered together the solidarity that exists around this kind of competition if only for the loan or the purchase of clothing. “Even between regional miss! “, assures the young woman.

Outside of this environment, the young miss is also very well received: “When we made the presentation video at the Crozatier museum, everyone was interested, even the curator. I think it’s something we like even if it’s a bit kitsch, it puts sparkles in people’s lives, ”analyzes the first supporter of the miss.

“Not Miss France but why not Miss little”

This Saturday, February 12, Amalia is going to the capital for a week with the other candidates for the title. On the program: visits, parties, sports, choreography rehearsals but also the famous general culture test consisting of a dictation and a quiz. At the end of the week, the young women will have an interview with members of the jury or the committee. “The Top 12 will be defined, but we will not know before the election. »

Saturday February 19, the election shot in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne) will be broadcast on the committee’s Facebook page. It is possible to vote for Amalia, the public voice is not preponderant, but can help decide between candidates.

The young Ponote takes full advantage of the adventure and does not refrain from participating in other Miss contests: “Not Miss France because I do not have the required size, but why not Miss small. »

Always committed to others

Behind her neat makeup and her manicured uncles hides a young woman full of resources. After ten years of riding at a very high level, she hung up her competition saddle in September.

But there is no question for Amalia to do nothing: she has signed up for boxing. In high school, she was elected to the high school life council. She is also an anti-harassment ambassador. Amalia is also committed to an association that helps Latin American women.

If she wins the election, Amalia intends to take advantage of her new notoriety to do cancer prevention.

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