Villerupt. An artistic adventure that takes the form of a college fresco

For three months, Théodore-Monod’s schoolchildren in Villerupt are embarked on an artistic adventure that will leave their mark. In November, several of them indeed began the realization of a fresco of about thirty square meters inside the establishment in company of Nicolas Venzi, the speaker in visual arts who accompanies them.

A pre-inauguration is expected to take place on International Women’s Day, March 8, before the actual inauguration at the end of the school year.

In the presence of Madeleine Griselin

“The Maison des jeunes et de la culture for which I work has been working for years with the college. And I also create frescoes on a personal basis. Aline Dumain, principal education adviser, had seen what I had done on the facade of the MJC in October 2021 on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of Guy Môquet (resistant communist activist, editor’s note). And he had liked it. As they also want to baptize the corridors and living areas of the establishment, it was a good thing. »

So much for the origin of the project. That of the pre-inauguration is also very simple. “We work on the theme of adventure and exploration. And we paint the faces of several national or international personalities. We added to it the Villeruptian by birth Madeleine Griselin , geographer, who led the first all-female polar expedition. She will be on March 8 for a college conference. We will take the opportunity to set up this pre-inauguration. »

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Explorers in the spotlight

In addition to the face of the director of research emeritus at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), we will find on the wall those of the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the journalist and traveler Nicolas Bouvier, the anarchist explorer Alexandra David-Néel or the adventurer Annie Londonderry, who was the first to cycle around the world.

“We wanted it to be participatory in terms of the choice of characters. And I wanted to add Madeleine, a feminist very committed to the cause. There will also be Théodore Monod, quite logically. College students do not all know this scientist and naturalist. Some even asked me if it was he who had built the building… Of course, we don’t talk to them about it on TV or on social networks. »

Culture, not soup!

Nicolas Venzi sees this as an important objective. “The mission of a school or associations like the MJC is to remember this culture, and not the soup that is served to children to sell them things or to increase the ratings. Even if we can salute the talent of Kylian Mbappé, it is still good to know who these people are linked to the theme of adventure. »

The group, moving because it depends on the availability of classes, works two hours a week. “We should finish in June. »

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