Clos 1736, an extraordinary adventure

Por those who don’t know him, Dominique Petit is a go-getter, an entrepreneur, a winner. Even when he plays golf, one of his passions, he can’t stand to lose. The entrepreneur has steered his boat well. Specialized in medical equipment, he creates equipment, between his offices in Paris and the industrial zone of La Laiterie in Verton, Dominique passed every day near the town hall of Verton. “I knew this building and as the young people say, I liked it”. Yet she was abandoned. until the day where…

The crush

“One fine morning, I pass by as usual and I see a ‘For Sale’ sign. I immediately went to the Léchevin agency in Merlimont. The same evening I made a proposal and it was good. » remembers the fifty-year-old whom his whole family took for a madman. “It was a ruin” confirms Pierre the son of Dominique. We are in June 2017, “Immediately I felt what I wanted to do. I had already worked it out in my head”. Except that the house is badly damaged by years of vacancy. “The floors were barely holding up, the roof was leaking, it was a colossal job” continues Pierre, a business student like his sister Clara, both invested in this pharaonic project.

A titanic job

In my fifties, I wanted to change my life, to have fun. I had already renovated several apartments in Berck and I love tinkering admits Dominique. But this time it is the supreme dimension. I put my business aside and dedicated myself 150% to this project 7 days a week. I knew from the start what I wanted to create explains the king of DIY. “I still had a roofer come in for the roofs. I still don’t have it all figured out. And I had to hire someone to help me because it was really a huge project”. Four years, approximately 600,000 euros of work “just for the materials” says Dominique, “and I’m very proud of the result. It will be for the children…”

Dominique started with the farmhouse. “Then I attacked the barn and the outbuildings”. The goal: to create luxury apartments for stays of varying lengths. “This is the principle of lodges or apartment hotels with the standard of 4-star hotels”. There are 7 accommodations for 2 to 8 people, all equipped, and one of them is accessible to people with disabilities with a huge bathroom with walk-in shower. The visit of the place really makes you want to land in this little setting. Because the work done by Dominique is remarkable. He managed to optimize every corner of the buildings by highlighting the often visible wooden structure. “Sometimes we had to rack our brains but we got there.” A place full of charm, steeped in history, there is no doubt that customers will not be long in investing the place. “For the moment we have just made the website and created a facebook page but we have not yet boosted the online booking platforms. We are really at the start” explains Pierre who will be in charge with his sister of taking care of this important marketing communication part.

Soon a quality restaurant

IF the apartments are finished, Dominique is putting the finishing touches to a key element of the project, the restaurant. “We were supposed to open in March 2020 but with the covid…”. Dominique trusts Damien Coutecuisse who worked at the Château de Montreuil or the Verrière in Berck to manage the Bakkie. A name that comes from South Africa and means old bush pick-up. Another adventure that should start around March 15 and that we will talk about later.

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