Relatively Famous: Harry, the son of Billy Bob Thornton, tells us about his adventure at the ranch

While a new unreleased episode of the American reality show will be broadcast this Sunday at 6:35 p.m. on E!, SFR News had the opportunity to speak with one of the stars of the show. Meeting with Harry, the son of Billy Bob Thornton, and therefore one of the eight celebrity children of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules.

Your new favorite American reality show is on E! ! If you have a weakness for this kind of program, then there is no doubt that you will love to follow the adventures of the “relatively famous” participants in this unprecedented adventure, broadcast exclusively in France on the SFR box channel.

Eight celebrity kids sent to hard work on a ranch

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules is reminiscent of another reality show, which marked the small screen in the 2000s. Do you remember The Simple Lifeor Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie discovering life on the farm? Well it’s (almost) the same. Here, they are eight children of celebrities, having mostly grown up in Hollywood opulence, having to lend a hand to the teams of the Saddleback Ranch, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In the cast: Taylor, the daughter of actor David Hasselhoff, Harry, the son of actor Billy Bob Thornton, Hana, the daughter of singer Pat Benatar, Redmond, the son of singer Ray Parker Jr, Ebie, the daughter of rapper Easy-E, Myles, the son of basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, Jasmine, the daughter of actor Martin Lawrence, and Austin, the son of wrestler Billy Gunn. And this time, they’re not just there to entertain the cameras. Real tasks await them before the reopening of the ranch, which has been hit hard by the health crisis. Will they be up to it? One thing is certain, it’s an experience they won’t soon forget…

While episode 2 of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules will be broadcast this Sunday, February 13 at 6:35 p.m. on E! (exclusive channel available on your SFR box), SFR News spoke with one of the real stars of the show: Harry Thornton. The son of the illustrious actor is 27 years old, and he stands out from other children of celebrities by his character, both more reserved but at the same time full of jokes. Enough to quickly make it the darling of the ranch! He tells us about his adventure.

This new show reminds us of The Simple Life… Did you see it, or perhaps watch it before joining the ranch to give you an idea of ​​what to expect?

Yes, finally I saw this show 100 years ago, when it came out! But from memory, the work didn’t seem so complicated… Whereas at the ranch, we had a lot of difficult tasks to do. It was real hard work, not just for the cameras! (laughs) We really did everything we had to do. I didn’t expect it to be so much work.

Meeting new people was a challenge for me. Facing my fears… Participating in this program was a way, both to learn more about myself, to see what I was capable of, but also to overcome these fears that I have in society.

When you first saw the other participants, did you recognize any faces?

For the most part, I knew who their parents were. But I didn’t recognize anyone, we had never met before. After chatting with Hana, I learned that she also grew up in Malibu, like me, and that we had several friends in common. But I didn’t know any of them directly before the ranch.

Did you find anything in common because you all grew up with famous parents?

Yes of course, even if everyone was different. We all have famous parents, but our personalities are very different. But it is sure that it linked us in any case. We all had stories from our childhood to tell, problems or even advantages that it could have to be children of celebrities. We all had that in common.

What memory do you keep, personally, of having grown up with a famous father?

I don’t think I had such a different childhood… My father is a very famous actor, yes, but I had very few friends who were also children of celebrities. In the end, whatever your parents do for work, it has no impact in my opinion on the way you are educated. I didn’t find any difference, but at the same time it’s because I didn’t know anything else. In any case, I had a very good childhood.

Going back to the show, what was an ordinary day on the ranch like?

We got up way too early… (laughs) We got up very early in the morning, knowing that the night before we always went to bed very late, so it was not easy! And we always had a chore to do for the day, whether it was sheep shearing, cow stuff, or learning to ride. The ranchers would tell us what to do, and it had to be done at a certain time. Then if we did a good job, they offered us a nice dinner to celebrate the accomplishment of the day.

What was your biggest challenge at the ranch? We saw in the first episode that you weren’t a fan of pigs…

Yes, I don’t like pigs, I’ve never liked them, they are known to be particularly dirty animals! (laughs) I wasn’t very excited to meet them, so yeah, when we first saw them it was very difficult for me to deal with that. But, spoilers: there’s more pig stuff going on in the next episodes, don’t miss it! Otherwise, in terms of hard work, shearing the sheep was the most difficult. Because they ran away, they were heavy, they kicked you if you didn’t turn them over properly… So for me the sheep were the hardest work, and the pigs the most disgusting!

Conversely, what came naturally to you, something you perhaps didn’t even know you were capable of?

I think from day one until the end, I was able to do things that I normally wouldn’t have wanted to do. There’s nothing I couldn’t have done per se… Just a lot of things I didn’t want to do, but I took it upon myself and did them. To help the ranch, for the reopening, and the owners were so nice… We really felt like we were giving them a hand, so that was nice. Then yes, some things finally came to me quite naturally. Especially since I have already worked with wood, since I am a prop master for TV and cinema, I am quite manual and that helped me in certain tasks.

What are you most proud of having accomplished in this adventure?

I came out of it more confident in situations in society. Because just meeting new people is a source of anxiety for me, so as I said at the beginning of the interview, putting myself in this situation was a real challenge. It was my worst nightmare even: I didn’t know who I was going to meet, then in addition to this new group of people there were cameras everywhere… I think that in the end I felt more comfortable , more confident.

Is that why you expressed, in the first episode, your concern about being a bit apart in the group?

Yes there is a bit of that, but it’s also because most of the other participants had more things in common. The first day, Taylor (Hasselhoff) said that she knew Myles (O’Neal) through mutual friends for example. Even without necessarily knowing each other directly, I had the impression that they evolved in the same spheres. So at that time, I was afraid of having nothing in common with them, which also contributed to my personal challenge by the way.

“I realized that there was a lot of work, and a lot of things that I didn’t want to do.” -Harry Thornton

How do you feel you have adapted to life on the ranch compared to the other participants?

Some in the band… It felt like they didn’t feel like it, or couldn’t physically do it, maybe because they weren’t used to doing that kind of stuff. Personally, I’m mostly a germaphobe, so I didn’t want to do certain things – not because I thought I was above it all! I realized that there was a lot of work, and a lot of things that I didn’t want to do. But in the end, I feel like I’ve grown a lot.

For whom was it the most difficult, and on the contrary who adapted the most easily to life on the ranch?

Hard to say… I think, as far as tasks go, Ebie struggled. And I think Austin (Gunn) was a bit like me, in the sense that it was a challenge to meet new people that you didn’t necessarily have much in common with. He felt that compared to us, and our very, very famous parents, he had a very different life. But Austin came to the ranch ready to work, and that’s what he did the whole time.

Who did you get on best with?

I got on well with Ebie. I think we had a lot in common, especially regarding our anxiety issues. She complained about it too, it brought us closer. So we got on well with her and I, but they all became friends, even today.

Last question: would you do it again?

(He thinks) It was something for me, this experience. Before, I dreamed of having a farm, a ranch or something like that, with pigs… Well no, not pigs, but animals… With this experience, I realized how much work it was, so it’s ultimately not something I would want to do. But what I did, I don’t regret it. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, I’m glad I did.

Find Harry Thornton and the whole “relatively famous” gang in episode 2 of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rulesbroadcast on E! this Sunday, February 13 at 6:35 p.m. Did you miss the first episode? Do not panic ! You can always catch up with it, with a replay scheduled (among other things) a few hours before, at 2:08 p.m. on the channel. Then go every Sunday to discover new episodes, broadcast at the rate of one new per week on E!.

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