“To exist in the adventure she betrayed her friend” 10 perfect couples: Lila Taleb tackles Anissa

During an interview for Télé-Loisirs, Lila Taleb (10 perfect couples) returned to the enormous betrayal of her best friend of the adventure Anissa and her boyfriend Ahmed. She throws everything on her rival!

In Ten perfect couples, Singles don’t give each other gifts. If the candidates are supposed to come together to find the ten perfect matchesmany think first of all about their feelings and their “crush”. But it’s not just a matter of feelings according to Lila Talebit is also obviously a question of notoriety and “buzz”

The candidate makes big confidences in a interview for Télé-Loisirs!

Her relationship with Ahmed and Anissa

Lila Taleb says she immediately hooked with the concept of Ten perfect couples. A show that was unlike any of his previous experiences.

Lila Taleb’s adventure in the ten pairs was strongly marked by two people : Ahmad and Anissa. Indeed, she says that she was shocked to find in the casting the boy she flirted with in the past :

We had already had a story in the past. It ended in a clash on social networks. We hadn’t seen or explained each other since, so it was a bit tense at first. I told myself that it was out of the question to get back together with him after all that had happened.

Lila Taleb
Ahmed in his Snapchat story

Anissa meanwhile, was a true friend for the young woman. During the first weeks, the two candidates were indeed inseparable:

At the start of the adventure, we were together all the time, very tight-knit, we even fell asleep together. When she cried, she came to see me, when I wasn’t well I went to see her. We had made a pact: that we would leave the adventure together. If one of us had to leave the adventure, we thought that the other would follow. We were a real pair.

But he wasn’t not only a question of a “television” friendship ! Lila Taleb reveals they were friends and dated outdoors before filming.

It is this strong bond that united the young women that made the Anissa’s betrayal even harder to live for Lila…

She looks back on the betrayal that marked her adventure

As a reminder, at the beginning of the adventure Lila Taleb and Ahmed circled aroundThey’were kissing and had a real behavior of couple. Ahmed often provoked the young woman, but she was sincerely attached to him.

Ahmed and I were closer and closer, he was more and more affectionate with me. He was full of little touches, even off-camera.

But while they appeared together in the eyes of the Villa, a video had been unveiled by production to Sarah Lopez. This sequence showed Ahmed telling Anissa that he preferred her to Lila and Anissa answer that he too liked a lot but that she dared not confess to him.

After being made aware, Lila Taleb had returned to a mad ragefeeling completely betrayed by her BFF and her boyfriend: the horror scenario. Here is how she explains this betrayal now:

Anissa noticed it and I think she felt a little pang of jealousy when she realized that I was in a relationship and she wasn’t. She must have felt alone and at the first opportunity, to exist in the adventure and no longer be alone, she preferred to betray her friend.

Young women still cold? Lila Taleb is marked for life

It’s clear, for Lila, Anissa was ready for anything for the buzz. She continues and admits to having experienced the situation very badly in the rest of the adventure. So much that she would have begged the production to leave filming. Without spoiler the rest of the adventure, she says that the friendship between her and Anissa did not never repaired. Anissa would not have admitted her wrongs, making it even more unforgivable for Lila.

Deeply marked by this betrayal, Lila Taleb admits that nothing is as before now. She will find it difficult to trust again in friendship, and we can only understand her!

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