10 perfect couples 5 (SPOILERS): between Lola and Chainez, Trillio has made his choice!

Trillio has finally made its choice between Lola and Chainez in the episode of the 10 perfect couples of Monday February 14, 2022. Télé Star knows the identity of the big winner and reveals it to you. Warning article 100% spoilers!

He had to make a choice. When he thought he only had one perfect match by integrating the adventure of 10 perfect couples, Trillio found himself in the heart of a love triangle with Lola and Chainez. Arrived during the adventure, the latter had to be in competition with the young woman qualified as an alter ego. For the first time in the program’s history, two singles indeed have the same perfect match. Now it remains to find out. Convinced that it is Trillio, Lola and Chainez both made the choice to go on a 24-hour date with him and choose him for the ceremonies. Only then, both could not continue the game. Trillio therefore had to make a choice, eliminating one of the two girls.

It was in the episode of Monday February 14, 2022 that the young boy finally made his decision! After several days of hesitation, he finally decided to keep… Chainez! “Psychologically it’s very hard. I made a choice, and in life I take responsibility for everything I do. When you decide to win, you make the necessary sacrifices” he says facing the camera. Moved, Chainez cannot contain her tears and thinks above all of the departure of Lola, her best rival. “I’m in pain. I think I really deserve my place in the adventure but if I forget the game for once that I think with my feelings, it really hurts my heart that she’s leaving. I I grew attached to her and our rivalry. She’s going to be irreplaceable to me.”, she says. L

Lola: “I did what I could”

Present in the adventure from the start, Lola does not hide her disappointment. “I’m glad you’re staying. You deserve it because you’re a lot more strategic than me. I did what I could.” says Lola. Finally, she leaves the adventure without pocketing anything or without love and returns home to Miami. It remains to be seen whether Trillio and Chainez are indeed a perfect match.


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