Legends of Runeterra trailer: Riot announces The Great Adventure expansion

Legend of Runeterra is the card game made by Riot Games taking place in the same universe as League of Legends. Since August 2020, the game has a new expansion every two months. Each brings new cards as well as new mechanics, they are grouped by a theme exploited during three expansions.

No less than 48 new collectible cards including four new champions are entering the game. Thus, Gnar, Yuumi, Galio and Udyr are now playable. To these new cards are added two new keywords “Link” and “Great”. The first allows creatures that have it to merge with allied units and make them stronger. The second “Awesome” causes creatures to use their hit points to attack. Combined with healing, this mechanic can make units overpowered. The whole thing will be completed by new heroes in the single-player mode “The Way of Champions” and, for the first time, an event pass will arrive with the expansion and, as a result, the Veigar Boss de Fin skin.

The Great Adventure expansion will be available on all versions of the game from 8 p.m. on February 16.

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