Koh-Lanta: adventurer at heart, the Breton Géraldine seeks to push her limits

Geraldine Koh Lanta Vannes
The Morbihannaise Géraldine will be one of the candidates for the Koh-Lanta season broadcast from February 22, 2022 on TF1. ©A. Issock / ALP / TF1

Just a few months after the end of the legends season of Koh Lantathe TF1 television channel is about to put the cover back. A new season titled “The Cursed Totem” will be broadcast from Tuesday, February 22, 2022. For several weeks, viewers will be able to follow the adventures of 24 candidates. Among them, Géraldine, a forty-year-old living in Vannes (Morbihan).

Mother of two teenagers aged 16 and 17, she waited for the planets to align to apply for this show, which she watched for several years. “With my children, it was our Friday evening ritual. We had a great time in front of the television”, recalls the one who works as a property dealer in the city ​​of the Veneti.

An adventurer at heart

During her youth, and even now, Géraldine has always had a thirst for adventure. “I was going on trips. In particular, I crossed the China and theIndia by bike”, rewinds the one who had to stop her journeys when her two boys arrived. But, it was not a total stop. “Two years ago, I took part in the new york marathon“, she specifies.

Never satisfied, the Vannetaise wanted to embark on a great adventure. A way for her to see “the eyes shine” of her two teenagers. Participating in the show in Koh-Lanta then became a goal.

I want to give myself challenges and push myself to the extreme in conditions that can only be found in Koh-Lanta. I try to push my limits and experience emotions.

Géraldine, participant in Koh-Lanta

An application submitted at 12:01 a.m.

It is therefore at the end of year 2020 that she applied. “It was in December. It opened at 12 a.m. and I dropped mine off at 12:01 a.m.,” she recalls. Géraldine had just started a long period of selection. “It lasted about six months,” she says.

After sending a presentation video, it was during interviews that she had to give the best of herself. “There were some by phone and another in video with the casting team. These two stages having passed successfully, she was then summoned before the final jury before passing the physical and medical tests. There followed several weeks of waiting before having a phone call announcing the good news. A call that the Vannetaise is not ready to forget.

Until then, I didn’t know if I was going to be selected. Learning that I was going to participate in it was something incredible. I dreamed of being part of the Koh-Lanta adventure.

Bodybuilding, swimming, self-hypnosis

Confidentiality clause requires, Géraldine was only able to warn a handful of people that she had been selected for this new season of Koh-Lanta. “They were all super proud,” she recalls before adding: “I felt that my dad shed a little tear. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Before taking the direction of the Philippines for the shooting, which took place in October and November last, the forty-year-old prepared herself as best as she could. “I am not a high-level sportswoman”, recognizes the one who explains however “practice running regularly”.

Failing to be the strongest and the strongest of the candidates, Géraldine has put all the chances on her side. “I did a few weight training sessions and got ready for swimming, snorkeling and survival. Self-hypnosis sessions were also on the Morbihannaise program. Will his preparation have been sufficient to go far in the adventure? It will be necessary to follow the episodes broadcast on Tuesday evening on TF1 from February 22 to find out.

A weekly appointment that Géraldine and her loved ones will not miss under any circumstances. And, even if she had the opportunity to see the first episode in preview a few days ago, she does not hide her “eagerness” to discover her adventure on TV. A broadcast that will allow him to talk about his adventure freely. What she cannot, for the moment, do. “It’s hard to keep everything. There, I will be able to express myself and remember the adventure, ”she admits.

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