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This Thursday, February 17, on the occasion of the second stage of the adventure, the candidates of “Beijing Express” sink a little further into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, at the Karabalta market to be more precise. In their quest, the seven remaining pairs had to manage an unknown: the surprise arrival of the hidden team, made up of Alex and Sylvie, the candidates eliminated last week. In order to continue the adventure, the bickering lovers took big risks… and adopted a revolutionary strategy in the history of the game!

This evening, on M6, a game of hide-and-seek and chase punctuated this second stage of the “Beijing Express” candidates! The remaining seven pairs sink a little further into the impressive mountains of Kyrgyzstan. High altitude passes, lakes… it’s an absolutely marvelous route that awaits adventurers! The candidates have an appointment today at the Karabalta market. Their mission? Equipped with a smartphone containing clues, the pairs must find the owners of the phone in the depths of the local market. As soon as a pair thinks they have found the owner of their mobile phone, they must make them pronounce a sentence in French (“comme ci comme ça”, “don’t touch the grisbi”, “I love you very much”, “go to the Blues”, “how is your blanquette?”, “long live France”). Each smartphone has a voice recognition system: if it is the right person, the phone recognizes the voice of its owner and unlocks, allowing the pair to go further in the adventure. But an unexpected surprise will spice up the race…

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“Bravo to them!”

This evening, the adventure does not count 7 pairs… 8! Sylvie and Alex, eliminated last week, are actually still in the adventure and thus become the hidden team. Those who are nicknamed “the bickering lovers” must redouble their strategies and discretion to be able to stay in the adventure. The duo participates in the same event as the other candidates but has a different instruction: not to be spotted and finish among the three teams. When their competitors learn of their presence, Alex and Sylvie will then become prey. If found, they lose the race. Sylvie quickly expressed her stress: “We will have to be as vigilant as possible and adopt strategies to camouflage ourselves well” she explains. Alex, on the other hand, was more reckless: “We’re going to dress up, we’re going to find something, we’re going to change our appearance!” If discretion was clearly not the strong point of the duo at the start of the event, Sylvie had a brilliant idea later, when she had just found the owner of her smartphone: to constitute doubles using two young men met at the market, so as not to be spotted. Never seen in the history of the show, this strategy has paid off since Sylvie and Alex were able to leave the local market, without taking any risks, to continue their adventure! A brilliant idea for many tweeters too…

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