A residence at the Avel vor, in Plougastel-Daoulas, so that “Douves” can change – Plougastel-Daoulas

“Douves” was created for “Les Interstices”, last October, artistic crossing of the Recouvrance bridge, multiplied and anonymous silhouettes, fruits of the meeting between Mélanie, visual artist and dancer, Ibrahim, Togolese migrant and Lucie, choreographer and journalist whose the exhibition, “Liquid Frontier”, included in the program of “Pluie d’Images”, retraces his boarding on board the “Aquarius”, in 1017. On the deck, there were eight of them, masked and protected with survival blankets to evoke passage, transmission, exile, the unspeakable and the crossing of water. In deafening silence. Ibrahim left the adventure, the one who was not a dancer, however, left his testimony. Lucie and Mélanie then wonder about their legitimacy to be “interpreters of a word that we do not have”, but want to continue the adventure of “Douves” to continue to give.

Artistic performance and dance show

The transformation is now underway between artistic performance and dance show. Together, they look for material “to build, strengthen. We are looking for rituals” and residences. This week, they were welcomed at the Espace Avel vor. If they have faces today, the others, those from the beginning of the adventure and the anonymous ones, are still present surrounded by gold. The work is not finished but they have taken advice, made a recording and are continuing what they describe as “very shamanic work”.

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