Jessica Thivenin: Ready to participate in the next adventure of the Marseillais? She answers

Young parents are key candidates for Marseillais. Jessica Thivenin is the oldest participant in this adventure. It was during a shoot that she met her husband Thibault Garcia. Since then, a lot of things have changed for the two Marseillais. Indeed, today, Jessica Thivenin and her darling are parents of two children. Last year, the pretty blonde gave birth to Leewane. She had therefore not been able to participate in the Marseillais vs The Rest of the World. This year, this big family went to Mexico for a new adventure. Jessica and Thibault were unfortunately not part of the cast. They have however participated in the recent live episode aired last week. Today, Jessica Thivenin confides in her future in the Marseillais.

Jessica Thivenin: Ready to leave the W9 program?

The young mother told : “There was a hoax. The prod trapped the candidates. I’m disgusted not to have been there, my husband too because it’s so funny. (…) The reason why we weren’t, well you know, we had Leewane who was three months old. Of course, we weren’t going to go on set and leave our three-month-old daughter, she was an infant. That’s why we weren’t there. ».

Jessica Thivenin then added: “Of course, it was not a stop of adventures. Next we’re up for it if there’s a next adventure. In addition, I swear to you, the prod told me to come the first three or four days. In fact, they wanted to trap me, but they didn’t get me. “. Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia will therefore be present in the next adventure of the Marseillais. And you, dear readers, are you delighted with this news?

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