Koh-Lanta: Bretons Géraldine and Lili dive into adventure

Adventurers, adventurers, the new season of Koh-Lanta begins now ! After a last edition – devoted to the “Legends” of the game – strewn with pitfalls, cheats and where no candidate was declared the winner, it is a return to the fundamentals that TF1 offers, this Tuesday February 22, at 9 p.m. 10, to viewers. On the starting line of this Koh-Lanta – Le Totem Maudit, as tradition dictates, 24 anonymous castaways. The cast includes two Bretons: Géraldine and Lili.

Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine represented

“This year was the right time. All the planets were aligned, I went for it! “She dreamed of this Koh-Lanta! Faithful to the program, Géraldine, 47, has the temperament of a warrior. “I need to get out of my comfort zone, I like to challenge myself,” she says with a smile. But it’s not just that. This goods dealer, who has been living in Vannes for 20 years, is one of those humans who need to surpass themselves in the effort to feel as good in their body as in their head. Suffice to say that Koh-Lanta met all his criteria.

Ever since I was 20, I’ve loved these leaps into the unknown. Landing in a country without understanding the language, the signs, that’s what I like

Before landing in the Philippines – filming location for this 2022 season – to join Denis Brogniart and the other candidates, this athlete has already crossed China and India by bike, participated in the New York marathon, crossed part of the Atlantic by boat… “Ever since I was 20, I’ve loved these leaps into the unknown. Landing in a country without understanding the language, the signs, that’s what I like. Emotions are more intense, you get to know yourself better and gain self-confidence,” insists this mother of two boys, aged 16 and 17.

Always optimistic

For her part, the Bretillienne Lili is preparing for a trip around the world by boat and with her family. This entrepreneur set up her business in solar energy ten years ago in Ille-et-Vilaine. Always optimistic, the mother is a candidate to be reckoned with. As in her business, in the preparation of her world tour or in Koh-Lanta, she never leaves anything to chance. Very handy and resourceful, Lili likes to have a solution for everything.

In her portrait, broadcast by the production of the show on social networks, the forties goes straight to the point: “I have confidence in myself and therefore I am not afraid to make decisions and move forward”. Will she be on the move during the construction of her team’s cabin? Will this leadership temperament be a hindrance in her adventure? Beginning of response this Tuesday evening.

I hope my kids will be like, “Wow! My mother does things that I never imagined! »

Now, Géraldine, Lili and all their comrades are waiting for only one thing: to share these moments with their loved ones and viewers. “We will finally be able to talk about Koh-Lanta to our families! Before the release of the portraits, only my inner circle – my children and my companion – knew about it. I can’t wait to be able to dive back into my memories, ”explains Vannetaise Géraldine.

Three months in secret

The season having been shot between October and November 2021, it has been almost three months that the Breton adventurers have been kept secret. “My children can’t wait to discover my Koh-Lanta. I hope they will be proud of their mother. That they will say: “Wow! My mother does things that I never imagined! “”. It is also, for the two candidates, the opportunity to share important lessons such as the taste for effort, not giving up in difficulty and, as a bonus, some messages of love.

It was a wonderful experience

If the secrets are well kept in Koh-Lanta, nothing prevents to evoke some feelings related to the shooting. The Morbihannaise bluntly admits that the camera was a problem for her at first. Not easy to have a goal fixed on oneself, but this detail did not spoil his enthusiasm. “All the teams were very professional, the events impressive, the sets were crazy. It was a wonderful experience”. A final question arises: will we find a Breton on the posts? To your remote controls… there will only be one left!

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