Adventure is around the corner

The great adventure is therefore approaching for the six high school students of the agricultural school. The TIEA will take place from March 2 to 6, as part of the International Agricultural Show in Paris.

Since October 2021, four Terminale CGEA students, Alison Froidefond, Thomas Delpech, Rémi Legros, Antoine Galateau, and their classmates from 1 D CGEA, Matthias Lelièvre and Clément Bonnaud, train in handling and restraining a bovine in complete safety for their passage on the large ring, with the cow in its train, (that is to say with its calf) qu they chose. More exactly, they prepared two couples, that is to say two cows in foal.

The objective is to have a backup duo, if one of the main animals, Maeva and her calf, Sergio, has any problem.

“It was very complicated with the Covid to have all the young people at the same time for training. I even think that we never had them all together. Those missing have always been replaced by one or more of their classmates, including a student who took part in the National Agricultural High Schools Trophy, the old version of the TIEA”, explains Sarah Bruchon, who was in charge of the students at farm level. teaching of the LPA.

Supported by sponsors

This week, the cows and their calves underwent health examinations to obtain their health certificate, which will allow them access to the agricultural fair.

After a week of vacation, the students had two days of training, grooming the animals (brushing and others), and preparing the equipment, which will be useful to them in Paris. The departure of the LPA is scheduled for Tuesday 1 er March, in the morning, for an early evening arrival at the show. This participation in the TIEA is possible in part thanks to financial and/or material donations from generous sponsors, local companies in the sector and places of residence of the students.

Like real professionals

“It’s important for young people to feel supported by the school, the teaching team, their classmates and sponsors. They will live a unique and intense experience. They will have to behave like the future farmers they will become to earn points, because their behavior with animals and visitors counts for the final score and the general classification”, mentions Patrick Douyer, who, on the strength of his many years of experience, assisted his colleague from Sarah Bruchon, for the preparation of the pupils and the animals.

Practice. It is possible to follow the adventure, as a whole, of the students on their Instagram account (@tiea-lyceelafaye).

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