Are you afraid of Elden Ring? Our guide will help you get started on the adventure

Do you want to get started in Elden Ring but have some apprehensions? Here is our guide bringing together important information to know to get started.

Elden Ring is unanimous: with a score of 97/100 on Metacritic (10 out of 10 in our columns), FromSoftware’s new project falls into the category of the best games of all time. But you are perhaps aware that the titles developed by the Japanese studio are above average in demand. In fact, you certainly have some fears before embarking on this essential adventure.

That’s why we offer you a short guide with a few things you need to know in Elden Ring. This will help you better understand certain mechanics, knowing that it is still necessary to sharpen your reflexes to successfully retaliate against enemies.

Which class to choose?

In many RPGs, picking a class means locking yourself into a specific playstyle. New to magic? You will end up as a magician (this is the case in Diablo, for example). In Elden Ringthe choice of class is much less important: you can take a warrior and then reorient yourself towards magic by cleverly spending the characteristic points obtained at each level.

Elden Ring allows you to choose from ten classes before starting the game :

Prisoner Vagabond Warrior Hero Bandit
Level 9 9 8 7 5
Vigor 11 15 11 14 10
Spirit 12 10 12 9 11
Endurance 11 11 11 12 10
Strength 11 14 10 16 9
Dexterity 14 13 16 9 13
Intelligence 14 9 10 7 9
Faith 6 9 8 8 8
Esotericism 9 7 9 11 14
Astrologer Prophet Samurai Confessor Indigent
Level 6 7 9 10 1
Vigor 9 10 12 10 10
Spirit 15 14 11 13 10
Endurance 9 8 13 10 10
Strength 8 11 12 12 10
Dexterity 12 10 15 12 10
Intelligence 16 7 9 9 10
Faith 7 16 8 14 10
Esotericism 9 10 8 9 10

Note that the Destitute is probably the most complicated class to start with: you start at level 1 and with absolutely no equipment (except for a club).

Here is what each of the characteristics corresponds to :

  • Vigor allows you to have more life;
  • The Spirit allows you to cast more spells;
  • Endurance allows you to perform more actions and carry heavier equipment;
  • Strength allows the use of strength-based weapons and increased damage;
  • Dexterity allows you to use Dexterity-based weapons, increase damage and cast spells/casts faster;
  • Intelligence allows you to use spells (and some incantations) and increase damage;
  • Faith allows you to use incantations (and some spells) and increase damage:
  • Esotericism allows you to use spells/incantations, increase damage and find rarer items.

Attention, the characteristics are essential to use certain weapons or certain powers. A spell may, for example, require 30 intelligence points to be equipped.

You can also choose a legacy, a small bonus that will be accessible immediately (examples: a medallion that slightly increases the life bar or a Golden Seed to obtain a potion).

Are you afraid of Elden Ring?  Our guide will help you get started on the adventure
Elden Ring // Source: Capture PS5

Do the tutorial

Elden Ring begins like all From Software games: with almost certain death, facing a far too powerful enemy. After a short cutscene, we find ourselves in a gloomy cave. This is a disguised tutorial, which you can risk missing by going straight. To learn the basics of gameplay, it is necessary to head to the right and drop down. Several messages follow that teach you how to defend yourself against the threats that populate the Underworld. Even Dark Souls aficionados have an interest in following it, otherwise they will miss out on certain subtleties.

Read item descriptions

There is very little direct narration in Elden Ring. Therefore, you have to know how to hunt for information yourself. On this point, the description of the many objects that we collect is essential to know all the elements that make up the adventure. So don’t hesitate to spend time in the inventory to find ways to make life easier and better understand all the tools that FromSoftware makes available to better survive in environments full of dangers.

Pay attention to the equipped load

To better withstand enemy blows, it may be tempting to wear heavy armor in Elden Ring. However, pay attention to the load carried: the more imposing your equipment, the slower and more limited your movements will be. And, sometimes, faster dodge is better than armor that is supposed to protect better. It’s obviously a style of play. But don’t be surprised to be less lively after putting on this beautiful knight’s outfit. This observation also applies to weapons.

Learn to use the map well

Unlike most open-world games, Elden Ring claims to find pieces to put the map back together — huge. In other words, navigation is less obvious than elsewhere, which leads to blind exploration (the pleasure of discovery is all the more tenfold). Especially since there is no integrated GPS to easily get you from point A to point B. These few obstacles require you to take good habits.

Three tips to help you find your way around:

  • Enable All Grace Sitesthe equivalent of campfires that allow you to rest, gain levels or even fast travel;
  • Use the different markers that you can place on the map (example: an icon with the image of a skeleton to remember that there is a boss there);
  • complete the map.

Regarding the last point, you should know that each piece of map is at the foot of a huge stele, symbolized on the map by an icon that we show you in the capture below. Rush to this point when you arrive in a new area (on horseback, it’s super easy).

Note that hyper-organized people won’t hesitate to take notes in a notebook either, especially for secondary quests (there is no journal in Elden Ring).

Don’t waste your time with basic enemies

We meet a lot of enemies in Elden Ring. But not all of them deserve to succumb to our blade and/or our overpowered spells. First, they can be a waste of time, knowing that they will reappear each time you rest near a Site of Grace (ie each time you die). Secondly, they don’t provide a lot of experience points — at least after a few hours of play. Anyway, warm up to them once in a while, but don’t try to clean up all the scenery.

How to increase/improve your potions

In Elden Ring, potions are your life insurance. They allow you to heal yourself and recover mana points to cast spells/incantations. You start the game with five flasks, to distribute as you see fit between life and mana according to your needs. Potions cannot be picked up: they recharge by resting near a Site of Grace or by killing certain groups of enemies.

It is of course possible to increase the number of potions at his disposal. To do this, you must collect Golden Seeds, which can be found in certain places on the map (look for the golden shrubs, shown below). The more you increase your stock, the more Golden Seeds you will have to spend.

We can also improve the potions so that they fill the various gauges a little more. To do this, you must collect Tears of Life. It is found in some churches.

Are you afraid of Elden Ring?  Our guide will help you get started on the adventure
Elden Ring // Source: Capture PS5

What if I can’t beat a boss?

Go look somewhere else. There is no point in repeating a passage several times until you become frustrated. The wealth ofElden Ring allows you to leave a recalcitrant boss and return to it several hours later being more powerful and better prepared. There are a thousand and one things to see in From Software’s game, enjoy.

Why are some passages blocked by mist?

During your wanderings, you may come across walls of mist. This is not a bug, or an inaccessible area. To be able to cross them, you must use an object called Stone Blade Key, which will no longer be consumable afterwards. You can find them by searching the sets and/or from certain merchants. As you can imagine, there may be some interesting rewards lurking behind these barriers…

How to increase the number of usable spells?

Do you want to specialize in magic? So it will be necessary to increase the number of spells to equip before going on an adventure. Here again, everything goes through an object: the Memolith. Once in inventory, it will add a memory slot to your arsenal. In previous FromSoftware games, it is by gaining levels that you can increase your number of usable spells. So that’s a change to note.

accept death

‘Cause you’re gonna fail a lot in Elden Ring.

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