A hundred women ready for adventure

Between sea and gusty wind, lagoon and sand dunes, a hundred women from all walks of life will have to transcend their limits, the time of a week of work in Dakhla, as part of the Sahraouiya raid. A new human adventure combining, casually, a sporting challenge and a good cause.

For this 8th edition, the participants represent Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, Cameroon, Mali, Madagascar, South Sudan, Ghana, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Senegal, Israel, the United States and Colombia, says Laila Ouachi, president of the Lagon Dakhla Association and organizer, alongside Driss Senoussi, of this multi-sport competition combining orienteering, night trail, mountain biking, canoeing, biking and running. .

Consummate athletes or beginners, community activists or simply committed women, many of them have responded to the call of nature. Beyond the sporting challenge, the steeples are united around the same objective: to support the solidarity spirit of Sahraouiya, while appreciating, at its fair value, the picturesque natural setting offered by the pearl of southern Morocco. “We are at more than 90 participants.

All these women carry a single and same message-appeal in favor of solidarity and peace in the world”, underlines Mrs. Ouachi at the microphone of the MAP. Throughout this adventure which is as thrilling as it is fascinating continues until March 5, these women of heart representing some forty associations will be driven by solidarity and social commitment, the ultimate objective of each pair being to support a good cause.

“Sahraouiya seeks to promote the universal values ​​of humanity and solidarity, from Dakhla. For this year, we have chosen as a slogan, as we approach the celebration of the day of March 8, solidarity and peace in the world, universal values ​​that every woman carries and defends on a daily basis”, explains Ms. Ouachi, maintaining that the Sahraouiya experience is likely to enrich the life of each participant, thanks to a sharing and a fruitful exchange with her similar issues. from all over the world.

Like every year, godmothers carry the spirit of Sahraouiya. The 2022 edition will once again be sponsored by Aicha Ech-chenna, president of the Female Solidarity Association. A tribute will also be paid to this exceptional woman in recognition “of her journey and all the actions she continues to carry out” on a daily basis.

At his side, we find Latifa Chérif, president of the Association Les Amis du Ruban Rose and one of the figures in the fight against breast cancer. A new godmother will be part of this edition. This is the Franco-Beninese Flora Coquerel, winner of the Miss France 2014 contest and main figure in the documentary series “My African Odyssey”.

She is involved in social work through her association Kélina, which helps disadvantaged children in Benin. Several guests of honor are expected there, such as Myriam Seurat, journalist from France Télévision, Justine Hutteau, Franco-Belgian self-entrepreneur or even UlfatHaider and Vanessa Allouche who come directly from Israel to live the spirit of solidarity preached by Sahraouiya and support Jaffa Institute, an association serving underprivileged children. Self-transcendence, sharing and solidarity will thus be the key words of this new edition, placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI.

Human values ​​that find their full meaning in Sahraouiya. “Being in Dakhla, the best dreamed place, we could only draw inspiration from the women of the region who have extraordinary potential due to the richness of their culture, open-mindedness and associative commitment, hence the idea of ​​baptizing this Sahraouiya raid, which has now become an international brand”, explains Ms. Ouachi, who has anchored in this little piece of paradise for fifteen years to promote culture and sport there. .

The first stage, called “prologue”, will give a taste of the adventure that awaits these women engaged in a discovery race of Dakhla, a sort of quest for treasure. A test intended to allow participants to accumulate time bonuses and other points. So dear Sahraouiyates, on your marks!

By Wahiba Rabhi (MAP)

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