Laurent Maistret, the case of cheating in the adventure cost him very dear!

Koh Lanta is a show that has seen many scandals arise recently. Between the accusations of cheating or the sums paid which are not those announced, she experiences a moment of hesitation. But recently, a former candidate experienced many setbacks after accusations of cheating on this show. This is Laurent Maistret, and his testimony is amazing!

Koh-Lanta, a declining show?

It is a program that has made itself known over the years thanks to the implementation of a unique concept in France.

In fact, when it was launched, Koh Lanta featured adventurers and adventurers on an isolated island. These must also fight in different trials in order to live more comfortably on their camps.

But although the premise of this show is very interesting, and its image has been intact for many years, that has recently changed. Indeed, during the last season, many contestants were accused of cheating.

But the cheating was done in secret, increasing the anger of Internet users and various members of the production team.

All of this worked against Koh Lanta who has seen his image deteriorate over the weeks. Proof is, the start of the new season this Tuesday, February 22, 2022 experienced a flop on social networks.

Laurent Maistret accused of cheating in Koh-Lanta!

Some people, who were previously fans of the adventure show, seem to be sulking about it.

The reason for this is the accusation of cheating to many candidates. Indeed, you should know that many candidates have been accused of cheating in Koh Lanta.

Charges that have concerned many emblematic candidates like Teheiura who confessed to having harvested food from local fishermen.

A first bomb was dropped on the show, thus highlighting certain security aspects of the latter. But subsequently, other candidates were accused of cheating, such as Claude Dartois and Laurent Maistret.

One of the biggest cheats in the old season of Koh Lanta, lies all the same in the meal that some have offered themselves at the home of a local inhabitant.

A rule that was broken and therefore led the production not to give the final award to the winner of the show. Thus, the 100,000 euros were donated to an association named after a former candidate.

But these accusations of cheating have greatly changed the image that could have Koh Lanta towards Internet users. The latter no longer seem to have confidence in the latter, which costs a lot to this show.

The consequences for the candidates also seem very difficult to bear. Besides their tarnished images on social networks and in everyday life, the latter are also unwilling to present themselves in another area.

And this domain is none other than a presence on television!

Unavailability for Laurent Maistret!

Cheating accusations on the show Koh Lanta played many tricks on the culprits.

Indeed, their reputation has been greatly stained on social networks and in public life. A real disaster for its former winners who, before this show, enjoyed unfailing admiration from the various fans.

But it would also seem that business is going perfectly for them, who are immersed in some business. However, one domain will henceforth be inaccessible, since it is that of television, as specified by a France Televisions : “ Their image is burned for a while“.

For this, you should know that Laurent Maistret, former candidate for Koh Lanta, was removed from Beijing Express.

He would have approached the show in view of the new season which collects television stars.

But although he was removed from this show, the M6 ​​group seems to keep him on hand.

In this new season of Beijing Express, we will find, Valérie Trierweiler, former Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin Léonard; sports journalists Yoann Riou and Xavier Domergue; Inès Reg and her sister, paralympic swimmer Théo Curin and his manager. And finally the influencer Justriadh with one of his friends.

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