Mattéo (Koh-Lanta 2022): this medical test he had to do to participate in the adventure

Like all the candidates of Koh-Lanta, before embarking on the adventure, Matteo had to pass an extensive medical examination. In a live Instagram, Saturday February 26, 2022, he explained why his case worried the doctors.

By participating in Koh Lanta, Mattéo has quite simply realized one of his biggest dreams. In a live on his Instagram accountSaturday February 26, 2022, he nevertheless confided to his subscribers that he had taken a lot of risk by embarking on such an adventure. The young professional dancer has been widely warned by the doctors of the program broadcast on TF1. Like all the other adventurers, he had to pass an extensive medical examination in order to control his aptitude to participate in Koh Lanta. “You know that when we pass the casting, we see doctors and they told me, that they were not going to declare me unfit, because I was fit, but thatthey worried about me because I am 20 years old, I am at the start of my career, I am professionalizing myselfso this is one of the most important moments for my career“, he thus confided at first while the doctors were afraid he would hurt himself.

Indeed, in Koh-Lanta, you can get injured, you can have very, very heavy physical consequences. I was told: ‘If you don’t go too far in the game it’s fine, but if you go far, it’s going to be super violent and you’re going to take time to recover’.” Words that could have frightened and discouraged him. But his desire to participate in Koh Lanta was stronger than anything. “I took the risk, I didn’t hurt myself (…) Everything is fine, I was very lucky not to hurt myself; I have no irreversible injuries that prevent me from dancing“, he also launched to reassure his fans and his future employers.

Mattéo took a big risk by participating in Koh-Lanta

But yes it was a risk that I was ready to take to do Koh-Lanta because it was a dreamand because I wanted to show this to everyone“, confided Matteo, proud of him.


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