Spectacular turn of events ! Franck (Koh-Lanta 2022) abandons the adventure, his teammates very angry

A dramatic turn of events this Tuesday, March 1, in the second episode of Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totem. Back on the Greens camp after the comfort test, Franck, the dean of the adventure, decided to leave the game, angering his teammates.

The second episode of Koh Lanta has already booked many surprises and viewers were certainly not expecting this twist, particularly rare in the show. After the elimination of Céline the captain of the Violets last week, the cards were reshuffled this Tuesday, March 1 in the Philippinesthe team led by Yannick, Bastien or even Anne Sophie leaving with one less teammate. Summoned to the game of comfort, the three teams had to compete on the test of the roofs, each carrying the weight of the other teammates using a rope.

The Greens, who had not eaten for four days and still had no fire, failed the test first, failing to hold out long enough. During the test, Louana, the young horse riding enthusiast, got annoyed with Franck, who couldn’t hold on to the roof. A positioning error that certainly cost the victory to the team carried by the Norman Jean-Philippe. Pointed after the event, the dean of the adventure cracked.

Franck throws in the towel!

Back on the camp, a twist! While the Greens had just welcomed with joy Setha, the fighter mother of four children, they did not expect the decision Franck was about to make. The adventurer, who had found himself with paralyzed mouth after eating a stinging root, first confided in François, telling him of his desire to leave the adventure. “I don’t take pleasure anymore, I’m not into it anymore“, he said. A reaction that greatly annoyed his teammates, who accused him of planting them “a knife in the back“, emphasizing in particular its “enormous cowardice“.

Louana, who got angry with the dean during the comfort test, explained that she was convinced that he was giving up by “ego“, because of his performance on the tests. The adventurers tried to retain him, telling him in particular that if he gives up the adventure, no adventurer will replace him since it would not be a departure on medical decision. Arguments which failed to hold back Franck, who bowed out in a particularly icy atmosphere.

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