“The Strange Crossing of the Saardam” by Stuart Turton: why we loved embarking on this mysterious adventure

Notice to fans of thrillers and adventures loaded with mysteries, it’s a safe bet that the youngest by Stuart Turton is the novel you were waiting for to shiver…

Get ready for a diabolical crossing

the Saardam leaves the Dutch East Indies for Amsterdam. We are in 1634 and we find on board this beautiful ship the governor of the island of Batavia accompanied by his wife and his daughter. At the bottom of the hold, prisoner, another traveler and not just anyone: the famous detective Samuel Pipps, victim of a dark affair.

The crossing, particularly perilous, soon takes a very worrying turn. Strange, inexplicable events occur: the sail of the boat now reveals a symbol drawn in ashes, a mysterious voice is heard at night and a corpse is discovered in a closed cabin from the inside. Travelers from Saardam will then go in search of answers while taking care to keep their little secrets warm…

Why we loved

Stuart Turton signs with “The Strange Crossing of the Saardam » a thriller with impenetrable mystery. Between Jules Verne-style adventure and jubilant behind closed doors that reminds us of the works of Agatha Christie, this novel has everything it takes to please us.

“The Strange Crossing of the Saardam”, Stuart Turton, 23€.

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