Koh-Lanta: a candidate participates in the adventure, despite a negative medical opinion

On February 22, viewers were able to discover the twenty-four faces of the new adventurers of the 23rd edition of Koh-Lanta, “the Cursed Totem”. Among them, a candidate could however have seen his participation in the survival show canceled! We tell you everything.

Koh-Lanta: doctors judge the suitability of candidates

Before I can fly to Koh Lantafuture adventurers must submit to a medical visit. During this meeting, health professionals judge whether a candidate is fit or unfit to participate in a survival game. The conditions in which the Robinson apprentices live are indeed difficult: there is no comfort in their camps and food is scarce.

Added to this, the sports events, which ask candidates to draw on their last resources to be as enduring as possible. It is therefore necessary to ensure that no participant has any pathology that could make their adventure risky for their health.

In 2013, the show was sadly marked by the death of a candidate on the first day of the adventure. Gérald Babin, 25, died of a heart attack. He suffered from a pathology of the heart, detectable by the doctors. A manslaughter investigation had been opened. Thierry Costa, the emergency doctor of the adventure, had been singled out. He ended up committing suicide.

Koh-Lanta: the case of an adventurer alerted health professionals

On February 22, on the occasion of the first episode of Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totemviewers discovered the profile of Matteo, a 20-year-old classical dancer. The young man nevertheless almost did not participate in the show, and this, due to the opinion of the doctors of the game. In any case, this is what he explained in a live Instagram, Sunday, February 27.

“You know it when we pass the cast, we see doctors and they told me, that they were not going to declare me unfit, because I was fit, but that they were worried about me because I am 20 years old, I am in beginning of my career, I am in the process of professionalizing myself, so this is one of the most important moments for my career,” he said. Before launching: “Indeed, in Koh-Lanta, you can get hurt, we can have very very heavy physical sequelae. »

Health professionals have warned him that it will take time to recover from the adventure, if he goes to the Koh Lanta final. A risk that Matteo still decided to take. Participating in the show was a dream for the dancer. During the live, he wanted to reassure his fans by spoiling the rest of the adventure a bit: he was not injured.

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