A Moroccan participates in the Koh-Lanta adventure game [Interview]

What prompted you to participate in Koh-Lanta? A desire to excel?

What pushed me to participate in Koh-Lanta is the fact that this adventure represents the ultimate survival. There is no bigger than Koh-Lanta to face yourself. I have been athletic all my life, I have always gone beyond my limits with handball and my teammates at the request of my various coaches. But never as much as Koh-Lanta asks. Let’s say it’s the next step to climb.

What does Koh Lanta mean to you?

Koh-Lanta represents so many things, such as surpassing oneself, adversity, the return to the essentials of the human. Koh-Lanta helped me work on my inner self and on my mind, which is a plus for my job as a coach. I learned a lot about emotional management and the mind, which I am currently passing on to my students.

What are the major difficulties you encountered? The lack of food, of hygiene?

You should know that everything is true in Koh-Lanta. My fear was hunger, but the brain quickly goes into survival instinct. The hardest thing was the rainy nights. The first two nights were served in rain. Being constantly wet with more than 90% humidity. So in summary, the worst was the first night and then “our body odor”.

You are a former handball player, can you tell us about your sporting background?

I was a handball player for twenty years. 15 years at a high level. I was very quickly gifted in sport in general. But handball appealed to me a lot. I was in sports studies at 15 and then my first paid contract when I was 16. I left to live at 17 years old 300km from my parents in Normandy. A fairly early adult life. This sport has been the common thread of my life concerning mental physical abilities but also human values. Team sports are the very definition of a micro society. Community life, fighting to win or lose together. No matter what, I always learned from it to grow a little more.

Which candidates have marked the most in your edition and all the others combined?

I spent little time on the boat with Matteo, this young 20-year-old dancer who marked me with his innocence, his kindness and this pure strength, because I admire the demands of his field. I would also say Claude, because he is a fine strategist and a great sportsman. Also, Géraldine this year who helped me the first two nights, I was shivering with cold and she gave me her jacket, a memory engraved forever in my memory. We have created such strong bonds. That’s the magic of Koh Lanta.

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