Luxemburg. CoffiCook, a pastry shop for dogs at the gates of Lorraine

The manager of CoffiCook makes her own pastries for dogs.
The manager of CoffiCook makes her own pastries for dogs. (©Ninon Oget/Actu Luxembourg)

In this pastry Dudelange (Luxembourg), there is no question of selling chocolate éclairs to satisfy the greediest. Homemade cookies are for… dogs.

Behind the counter of her establishment, Marjorie Huber talks enthusiastically about her shop. Opened since November 6, 2021, his shop is already making people happy. But, the adventure began much earlier.

Recipes validated by veterinarians

Originally from the north of Moselle but in Luxembourg for several years, the manager explains that it all started with the adoption of her dog Coffi, a Staffie. After seeing him nearly choke on a bone meant for puppies, Marjorie Huber decides to start making cakes.

Former student of the hotel school of Ottange and employee of the restaurant industryshe follows internships and reconnects with a pastry teacher.

“He gave me days of lessons, I spoke with my vet to find out what I could or could not wear. And then I established a range of biscuits validated by the veterinary services,” says the manager. Also approved by Coffi himself.

An online store before finding a local

Here she is launched in the adventure. At the beginning and for a year, she goes to the markets. “But the clientele was not what I expected. I made an online store and I saw that it really worked” she underlines.

Marjorie Huber is the manager of the CoffiCook pastry shop for dogs, in Dudelange (Luxembourg).
Marjorie Huber is the manager of the CoffiCook pastry shop for dogs, in Dudelange (Luxembourg). (©Ninon Oget/Actu Luxembourg)

Nevertheless, Marjorie Huber is attached to contact with her customers: “I wanted to have a physical store to be able to giving advice to people. So here it is installed at 231 rue de la Liberation, in Dudelange.

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“I highlight Luxembourg”

There, in addition to a production site and the CoffiCook cakes, you will also find necklaces or even stuffed animals. “I work with a lot of collaborators, only craftsmen, that is close to my heart”, she specifies.

A desire that it also transcribes in the manufacture of its biscuits. “I highlight Luxembourg. We are in the country, we have to make the country work. I’m looking to order flour that comes from here, the meat is from Luxembourg,” says Marjorie Huber.

Cakes exported to the south of France

A visibly winning combination since CoffiCook’s biscuits travel to Luxembourg and even cross borders.

In addition to her cakes on sale in Kayl and a Moselle clientele, the manager explains that she works with a groomer located in… Ales, near Montpellier. “She has my cookies for sale in her living room,” says the shopkeeper.

Maybe she will end up conquering other cities…

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