Ghostwire Tokyo promises us an absolutely epic adventure

The PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo is out soon on the console. Get ready to dive into a world full of mysteries.

In just a few weeks, Ghostwire: Tokyo will finally become available on PS5 after months of waiting. From the first trailers, this nugget caught our eye so much that it quickly joined the ranks of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives by the editorial staff in 2022. First scheduled for the end of 2021, it was unfortunately postponed to allow the Tango Gameworks studio to refine its version of the game despite the pandemic.

As a reminder, Ghostwire: Tokyo transports you to the Japanese capital as a mysterious and dangerous character wipes out the city’s population in the blink of an eye. As a player, you play as Akito, one of the last living humans, who is hungry for answers. Between modernity and the supernatural, the adventure game will have you fighting fantastic creatures, often straight out of horror folklore. By allying yourself with a powerful spectral entity, you will have to discover what is going on in Tokyo, and how to return to a normal life.

A few weeks ago, Sony offered us a special broadcast devoted to Ghostwire: Tokyo, in which the firm revealed a good part of its gameplay. This is a first-person game that will require you above all combat skills, but also a sense of stealth and a good dose of mastery of your environment. To help you fight fire with fire, you’ll have a few supernatural powers.

Even if the fantastic is very present in the game, expect also a good dose of realism. Immersed in the heart of Tokyo, you should recognize some very famous places, such as the Shibuya crossroads or the Tokyo Tower, emblematic places now haunted, but still impressively beautiful.

When will Ghostwire: Tokyo be released on PS5?

Fans of this kind of game won’t have to wait much longer. Ghostwire Tokyo will be available on PS5 from March 25th. The title is already available at the pre-order on the PlayStation Store, priced at €69.99. Note that if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you get 10% off, so you can pre-order it for €62.99.

While it won’t be available on PS4, old-gen console players can still access Ghostwire: Tokyo—Prelude which, as the name suggests, is a small adventure that precedes the events depicted in the main game. Taking the form of a graphic novel, this preamble is centered around the character of KK, the mysterious detective who will later become the famous “spectral entity” to which you go. The game is also available on PlayStation Storethis time on PS4 and PS5, completely free of charge.

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