Jazz Cosmic Genesis Noir: Adventure Adds Three New Levels in Free Update

Available now on PC, Mac, Xbox and Switch.

You might be interested to know that you can now blast your way through three new levels, thanks to the free Astronomy Update, available now on Xbox, Switch, PC, and Mac.

Genesis Noir, of course, dazzled when it launched last year, combining an exploratory point-and-click gameplay style with a sleek audio-visual presentation – a mix of Saul-Bass-inspired animation and soundtrack- his smooth jazz, both at the service of a strange detective story through space and time. “The biggest compliment I can give this game is that it’s unlike anything I’ve played before, and it’s incredibly focused and dedicated to its creative vision and its theme,” writes Eurogamer contributor Malindy Hetfield in her review of Recommended. “If you’re looking for something different, a gentle form of experimentation in a beautiful package, I can’t recommend Genesis Noir highly enough. »

And now there’s a little more Genesis Noir to slip into. “We had so many ideas to explore the Big Bang, but we didn’t get a chance to realize them all before the game was released,” says Feral Cat Den of its new Astronomy Update. “We continued to tinker with these concepts though, and today we’re excited to update the game with three smaller levels.”

So returning players on PC, Mac, Xbox, and Switch can now “reveal the constellations of Golden Boy, No Man, and Miss Mass, visit the historic site of Stonehenge, and also leap into the future.” »

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