The Voice: Marc Lavoine proud to be part of this new season!

Marc Lavoine is a coach for The Voice for the 4th season. And the artist is delighted to be part of this incredible human adventure.

The Voice resumed not long ago. And for this new season, Marc Lavoine is still one of the show’s judges. And the coach is very happy to return to the famous red chair. He explained his feelings to Télé 7 jours.

Marc Lavoine still present for a new season

Since the 2019 season of The Voice, Marc Lavoine is one of the show’s coaches. And immediately, the artist took his role very seriously. To this point that 4 years later, the singer is still there and above all very proud to be part of the adventure.

Télé 7 Jours then interviewed the singer to get his first impressions of this new season. When asked how he is living this new season, he answers: “ I am very happy. We are lucky to still be here…“.

It is true that The Voice has been around for 10 years now. And Marc Lavoine takes a very gentle look at this adventure. For him, it’s a real life lesson. ” To me, The Voice is a life lesson. The people who come to us are extraordinary and do not realize it. »

The singer is then very admiring of those who participate in The Voice. ” They have courage and crazy humility. They are not promised anything, because they must not be taken for fools. We are there to tell them the truth, while they entrust us with a part of their story. »

In addition, the coaches are really close to each other. And that’s also the beauty of the show. We see them very often moved, close and very friendly. Which gives a dimension totally different from what we usually see.

The Voice: Marc Lavoine proud to be part of this new season!
The Voice: Marc Lavoine proud to be part of this new season!

The Voice: a very complicit team

what pleases a lot in The Voice, despite the 10 seasons, it is the coaches. And especially their relationship. Moreover, Marc Lavoine spoke of it with great affection during the interview he gave to Télé 7 Jours.

We are more and more affectionate towards each other… apart from Florent, who groans all the time! (Laughs) There is no resentment. We are happy when a candidate goes to another coach’s team: the most important thing is that it finds its place“.

And we have already seen several very moving moments. Like for example the song of an elderly candidate who had written a song for his wife, who left some time ago. All the coaches had burst into tears.

And especially Florent Pagny. It was then Marc Lavoine who took him in his arms to tell him all the good things he thinks of him. A very beautiful scene which showed than The Voice coaches are really close to each other. And that’s fun.

Because we remember, Florent Pagny explained that he was fighting against cancer. So, we hope to be able to see the singer during the final. Hoping that by then he will be better. All the coaches then showed him all their support.

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