The Top Chef candidates have a tattoo in common!

The Top Chef 2022 candidates have their adventure engraved in their skin! They almost all got the same tattoo, done by a season 13 contestant.

The Top Chef candidates 2022 have their adventure under their skin! In an interview with the Women’s Journal, Tania Caddedu revealed to us that almost all of the participants in this season 13 had done the same tattoo in order to keep an indelible memory of their time on the show.

Thus Tania, Lucie, Thibaut and many others now wear a tattoo in common directed by another candidate, Louise ! The young chefat the head of his own restaurant Boubou’s in Lisbon, revealed another facet of his talents by tattooing his comrades from Top chef. But what is this tattoo in common?

The tattoo in common of the candidates of Top Chef

An XXL kitchen knife, Stéphane Rotenberg’s head on the shoulder, a cult phrase from Philippe Etchebest in the lower back… The joint tattoo from candidates of Top Chef season 13 is much more so than that. Louise Bourrat simply took out her finest pen to write “Thirteen” on different parts of the body of his comrades. Tania, head of restaurant Vida of Juan Arbelaez in Paris, for example chose to write the number in full on his forearm. The young woman also revealed her pretty tattoo in an Instagram story on Sunday March 6, 2022. Where are the tattoos of the other candidates? They may reveal it in the coming weeks!

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