Mr. Laventure, THANK YOU for this extraordinary human adventure, we will continue it!

A renowned journalist and entrepreneur, he was above all a fervent defender of the Overseas Territories. “wrote the Minister of Overseas Sébastien Lecornu. ” 4 months ago, tireless and creative, he was still heating projects “Testifies Christiane Taubira for her part. The senator of Guadeloupe, Victoire Jasmin, underlines her “ recent work on Gaston Monnerville », illustrating the contribution of Luc Laventure for « recognition of great men and great women.

I salute the memory of a talented, competent media man deeply in love with our countries “. For Ary Chalus, Luc Laventure has ” promoted diversity and the Overseas Territories on national screens, helping to cast a new light on remote territories “. MEP Younous Omarjee sent him a ” immense gratitude for all he has accomplished for the influence of the Overseas Territories and their respect “. ” If he’s not where he was, he’s now everywhere we are “, continues Serge Letchimy, president of the territorial collectivity of Martinique, native land of Luc Laventure.

From Polynesia, President Édouard Fritch emphasizes “ the rigorous journalist “, and ” great defender of overseas territories “. ” He has always thought that the overseas territories were at the forefront of societal changes “. “ You are and will remain forever, a model of a man of the media, a man of culture, a man of diversity, a man of bridges… A model of a “very short” man for me, for us , and for many others after me, after us “, writes the member of the government of New Caledonia, Vaimu’a Muliava.

Tributes to Luc Laventure, we could still write. We are obviously thinking of the tributes from his colleagues from the 1time Overseas, from Martinique La 1time, France-Antilles, ViaATV, TNTV, RTL Réunion, Freedom and all the others, Academics, adapted military service, parliamentarians and political leaders, whether they are from overseas or from France , executive heads, business leaders, and the many young talents who have crossed paths with Luc and who have won his admiration and nourished his inspiration. They bear witness to Man, the passions that animated him and the values ​​that he defended. For him, for his family, his loved ones, thank you.

Beyond this visceral passion that Luc had for the Overseas Territories, he had an idea of ​​his own, very particular for them. He believed in emancipation, in the ability to get rid of our fatalisms, our secular dramas, and to raise ourselves as beacons of success, resilience, talents, supported by our natural, cultural and above all, above all human heritages. Luc made it a point of honor to nurture what united us, whether we were from the Americas, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific. Transversality was his watchword. He was also convinced that our territories are at the forefront of the challenges of tomorrow, whether climatic, societal, democratic. He had, anchored to the body, the intimate certainty that we, peoples of the Overseas, would make the world of tomorrow.

We, journalists and editors of Outremers360, despite the pain that pierces us, will continue to offer our readers quality information, in connection with our partners in the territories, while respecting the memory of Luc Laventure.

To his family and loved ones, our deepest condolences.

Outremers360 editorial staff

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