Star Académie: Sandrine tells us about her adventure and leaves with her head held high

Sunday evening at Star Académie, it is unfortunately Sandrine who had to leave the adventure. This is during his second endangerment that she had to pack up, while Mary was saved by the teachers and Jeremy by the public.

Let us remember the wise words of her spouse, just before the performance of her sweet: ” Sandrine, when you take one step back, you take two steps forward “. We are certain that he was right and that this failure will only be a springboard for the beautiful Sandrine.

We had the chance to speak with this fabulous artist to discuss her adventure, but also the future that awaits her. Here is what she had to tell us:

How do you feel now that your academic adventure is over?

I feel good since yesterday and I still feel good this morning, it’s a good sign.

Are you proud of your performance last night?

I am aware that it was not 100% perfect compared to what I wanted to offer in terms of performance, but I am still really proud. I’m proud of how far we’ve come given the short timeframe. In addition, I wondered a lot about the choice of song and I finally decided to trust the teachers and get started, I’m proud of the result.

How did you find life in a group, in the mansion?

It sure is different from my quiet little life with my lover and my dog. It was really enriching to be with so many different people. I got to know myself better during this adventure. We developed affinities in the group.

What makes you most proud of your time on the show?

The fact of having worked hard. Every week I saw myself evolving by listening to teachers and putting it into practice, I’m really proud.

Which artist did you have the most fun meeting on the Star Académie stage?

For real, Kain. It was so much fun. There were plenty of great numbers, but for the big fun, Kain it was really fun. With Chicanery too, of course. There were many artists, a great diversity and I really appreciated all these encounters.

Which artist inspired you the most?

Laurence Jalbert, even if I didn’t have the chance to sing with her. When she came to talk to us and we discussed her number on domestic violence, it really touched and inspired me.

Knowing that you are a songwriter with your lover, how do you see your future now that you have finished the adventure?

For the moment I do not know. I want to continue my songwriting contracts, do the shows that may come for star academy and maybe go into creating songs, making an EP or an album. I would like to share joy with my songs, a bit like Kain.

** Note that the comments of the candidates have been slightly modified in order to make the article easier to read. **

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