Florent and Charlotte, the new couple leaving the adventure

The adventure this time revolves around a new relationship at the end of the show’s filming. the villa of broken hearts 7. This filming was very hectic and the broadcast of the program is scheduled soon. Indeed, Florent left the filming of the program in the company of Charlotte with whom he is now in a relationship. Our candidates got very close during filming. During the adventure, there were several twists and turns, such as participants who left the adventure like Carla Talon, Cassandra, Anthony Matéo and Romane.

Fortunately, some stayed and animated the shooting trying to find solutions to their love issues.

This is therefore the case of Florent and Charlotte who were tenacious and ended up finding themselves in an idyll. However, it was not so easy as the two participants faced complex arguments. This news has already been confirmed by an Instagram channel, ShayaraTV. The filming of the show ended well for our two bachelors.

Florent and Charlotte’s differences throughout the filming of the show

The couple went through difficult times throughout the adventure. Florent’s former companion burst onto the set with the desire to win him back.

Shayaratv says: “Florent André (Flo), candidate for the new season of The Villa of Broken Heartsgot in a relationship with Charlotte during the filming. But his ex (Corine) entered the villa and could turn everything upside down”. But she did not achieve her ends. Florent André seems very attached to Charlotte.

Thus the blogger ShayaraTV completes: “He doesn’t want her. Get ready, he said that Charlotte is the woman of his life… In two weeks as a couple! “. Their story seems very serious.

Benjamin Samat’s best friend is known to the public through his participation in Les Marseillais à Dubaï. Our two candidates during their participation marked their presence by their actions in each of these programs.

And finally, these two bachelors found each other and once together face every difficulty.

Several other couples form after the filming of the show

This adventure is rewarding for many of the program participants. Apart from Florent and Charlotte, some people have also found love during the adventure. Among these are people Emma Keitmann and Julien, Cassandra and Giovanni as well as Yannick. The broadcast of season 7 of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés is scheduled for March 28. It promises to be full of romances, love stories and controversies. We are therefore all waiting for the release of this new season on our small screens.


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