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In one of the richest beginnings to the video game year we have ever seen, FromSoftware’s latest production stands out and is already one of the favorites for the famous GOTY (game of the year ) by its ability to immerse us in a world as rare masterpieces have done before it. Explanations.

Sumptuous art direction

At the controls of this master stroke, Hidetaka Miyazaki. The Japanese artist has teamed up for the occasion with a certain George RR Martin (the writer of Game Of Thrones) to best represent an immersive Heroic Fantasy universe. More than the technical aspect, which we still feel could be improved, we retain the simply sumptuous artistic direction. Green plains, swamps, mountains, obscure castles are on the program of this epic within the Entre-Terre, an open world (a first for the studio) which is slowly revealed thanks to map fragments to be unearthed. In the end, the map is huge and full of buried secrets that keep expanding over the tens or even hundreds of hours needed to see the end of the journey… if we can get there!

Souls regulars will indeed find the legendary difficulty of the series. A good dose of skill and above all a lot of methodology, to learn the patterns of enemies and bosses are necessary to advance in this epic adventure where we are really on our own, with no mission indicator or notebook for us. simplify the task. However, Miyazaki San leaves an opening for newcomers, by the presence of numerous grace sites (teleportation points) and the summoning of creatures which can, at certain times, come to lend a hand to the Sans-Eclat that one embodies.

We are bordering on faultless

The fights are therefore always as strategic and the gamer will have the choice between a little infiltration, clashes with the sword or the use of magic. Be careful, however, to distribute your skill points well and not to forget that each death will force you to return to the place of your death to recover your hard-won experience. If we add to this complete panel a host of objects to obtain, charismatic characters to meet and consistency at all times… we are close to flawless.

Another strength of Elden Ring is to constantly surprise anyone who ventures on this journey. Rarely has a game offered such an intense feeling of discovery. Even fleeing battles, we enjoy changing places to see what another area has in store for us. We advance step by step, trembling, in the midst of nightmarish creatures with the desire to know more and to unravel the mysteries of this simply unique title.

(Bandai Namco, game tested on PS5)

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