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450 actors-extras give life to different scenes, from the Gallo-Roman period to the revolution
450 actors-extras give life to different scenes, from the Gallo-Roman period to the revolution in the show La Scénoféérie, in Semblançay (Indre-et-Loire). ©Le Petit Courrier – The Echo of the Loir Valley

After two years of absence due to the health crisis, The Scénoféérie of Semblancay (Indre-et-Loire) will return from July 9 to August 14, 2022.

13 performances are scheduled for the 31st edition from titled show “The legend of the source, rekindle the stars”.

During this period of forced sleepthe members of the association did not give up: some of them continued to go to thenatural scenic area of the Domaine de la Source to keep it in good condition, the sewing workshop has made overcoats for the staff of the‘Local medical-educational institute (IME La Source) as well as masks for the CCAS of Tours and the inhabitants of the commune.

The number of members is decreasing

In January 2022, during the general meeting, Sylvie Azotafter 7 years as president and 25 years as communications manager, gave way to Stephane Brunet.

“Pioneer of The Legend of the Source, always devoted, she will continue to be associated with the various works, to transmit her knowledge and to participate in the show”, underlines the association by completing:

It is a whole process of reopening and putting the facilities back into service that is starting up again. The work is substantial and a wide range of skills is necessary, but the objective is very motivating and the human relationships enriching, all generations work by sharing values ​​such as generosity, mutual aid and solidarity, it is a real collective work. However, despite a motivation still present during this particular period of health context, the number of members has decreased.

A day to (re) motivate the troops

So for motivate the troops and try to find some newsa day for members is organized Saturday March 26, 2022.

All the skills are welcome, stage and backstage, especially in the technical fields.

Videos: currently on Actu

Participation in the show does not necessarily imply many rehearsals. Everyone chooses their path within the Scénoféérie. This makes it possible to reconcile private life, professional life and stage life with serenity.

So, if you want to participate, help, live The legend of the Source, “we invite you to take part in this extraordinary experience”, indicates the association.

From the stage set to the backstage, the Scenoferieit’s 450 actors-extras of all generations, technicians, around sixty fighters and stuntmen, fourteen horses, forty horsemen, a pack of hunters, 2000 suitswhich give life to various scenic scenes, from the Gallo-Roman period to the Revolution.

258,000 spectators

That human adventure was created now 32 years old. On the occasion of the bicentenary of the French Revolution, lime which accompanies and welcomes people with mental disabilities, has designed a educational project in order to allow exchange and relations between the residents and the local population.

In 1989around the teaching team and a handful of volunteers, was born The Scenoferieshow with a social and educational vocation, for a single performance.

On the strength of its success, “The legend of the source” took its place and for follow-up his path under the benevolent gaze of several presidents of the Jacques de Beaune association.

Since his creationthe show was seen by nearly 258,000 spectators.

The Scénoféerie de Semblançay, “The legend of the source”. To join the association: via the contact section or by telephone on 02 47 56 66 77.

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