this nightmarish night when the Lyonnais adventure of Genesio rocked

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This afternoon, at 5:05 p.m., Bruno Genesio will return to Groupama Stadium. A far from trivial return for the coach of Stade Rennais, born in Lyon, player then coach of OL and above all in love with the club. A club he ended up leaving in the summer of 2019, weary of war with supporters who were hoping for a more prestigious name to lead their team. The team returned to the moment when everything changed…

“The day before the match against Rennes in the semi-final of the Cup (2-3), on April 2, 2019, everything is finally settled. The club and the representatives of Genesio have agreed on an extension. The idea is even to associate him later with Juninho. The defeat does not change anything but obliges Jean-Michel Aulas, forced to a lunar post-match press conference, to wait for the right moment given the tense context with certain supporters. elimination, the son of Genesio, affected by hate messages on social networks, feels bad. The OL coach is forced to take him to the hospital in the middle of the night. It’s too much. He doesn’t think more than his relatives, he who has faced for a long time without wavering. He asks, the next day, to see Aulas and Vincent Ponsot and announces to them that he will not stay. For his relatives. The leaders are in shock Aulas actually waited too long because of popular pressure that irrigated OL for months. alienate some supporters by postponing negotiations. And that gave them immense weight in this balance of power.”

Genesio has decided to leave OL after a defeat against… Rennes

Ironically, Stade Rennais coach Bruno Genesio decided to leave his lifelong and dear club, OL, one evening in April 2019 after a defeat against… Rennes in the semi-finals of the French Cup.

Raphael Nouet

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