Koh-Lanta: Montpellier Ambre finally asserts itself and allows the reds to escape the council

Broadcast on Tuesday, the fourth episode of Koh-Lanta saw the Cadlao win for the first time. A result that was made possible by Ambre, one of the two Montpellier players this season.

It was time ! Discreet since the beginning of the adventure, the Montpellier Ambre was widely noticed during the broadcast of the fourth episode of Koh-Lanta broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1. And for good reason, it was she who, with her voice alone, allowed the reds to win during the immunity test where the teams had to collect parts, blindly, before assembling them.

The soon-to-be favorite outsider?

By guiding these teammates wonderfully, the former riding instructor amazed and was able to lead her team to victory. However, since the beginning of the Ambre adventure was not perceived as a leader. Rather reserved, the Montpellier woman was more seen as one who did not want to make a stir. A way to move forward quietly in the adventure.

But, with this spotlight, the one who was an outsider in the adventure is on the way to becoming a strong link. A position which seemed rather to be reserved for François, the other Montpellier resident who, for the first time, was rather discreet. Next week’s episode will confirm, or not, the new status of the young woman.

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