Laurence Deonna, free! : Life is an adventure

Laurence Deonna resumes her life from her childhood in Geneva in a classical and politicized Calvinist family, in front of a discreet camera respectful of the vagaries of her adventures. Catapulted almost in spite of herself as a war reporter, she falls in love with civilizations, humans and writing and social classes. His understanding of the differences and the strengths they engender quickly became his leitmotif and will henceforth accompany him in his encounters and shape his openness to the world.

A biographical documentary made with a fair rhythm between archive images, period photographs and current interviews. The portrait of a woman of character, fragile and poetess with multiple facets, like all humans who grow up in a straitjacket forced to put on a good face and forget to live. Fortunately, the qualities and faults that define Laurence Deonna have allowed her and still allow her to grow constantly in order to find a balance in life. This self-taught journalist and writer continues to bring her resistance to a world of men built by them, who have the weakness of having emerged from a female womb.

The war of nations, the war of worlds, that of religions, that of classes and that of sex are similar in the desire to move forward and to exist while ignoring the freedoms of others. Is it the very essence of being human to seek the unknown in order to meet oneself? Like many women and some men also of his time and unfortunately still today, his writings and reports disturb as much as they motivate and encourage.

This documentary is also a magnificent window on the identity of an Arab world that has rarely crossed Western and American borders. At a time when Islam is synonymous with a summary of Eastern civilizations, quite wrongly, this kind of testimony is essential to the rehabilitation of the heritage of regions which are the cradle of many peoples who build modern policies and traditions. Without going into pro-Arab clichés, Laurence Deonna is a spokesperson for the authenticity of the reality of Eastern populations who, like everywhere, are held and protected by women with the beard of naive men of the power of their power of chimeras.

Almost two hours of hymn to freedom and adventure that will certainly raise the timid ambitions of other women and men who are just waiting to become Laurence’s heirs. It is these characters in social history who finally move us forward, allow the ideas of evolution to live and to be personified.

Laurence Deonna, free!
CH – 2018 – Documentary – 95min
By Nasser Bakhti
Troubadour Movies
16.03.2022 at the cinema

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