TUNIC: Test & review

Important info: The TUNIC test was carried out on a PC. It took us 20 hours of play to complete the main adventure, without finishing all the secondary activities.

The story of a story

The evolution of your adventure will take place within the Overworld, with singing and colorful landscapes. Alone, on the beach, your epic begins without any explanation on the way to follow or the quest to lead. However, we quickly discover how to equip ourselves with a stick, which will allow us a risk-free shipping.

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personal learning

For those who have played or had access to the demo, know that the developers have had a good nose in hiding the extent of the secrets that await you. Moreover, if in its entirety the title seems to be related to a Zelda-likehe only keeps the tunic (interesting as a reflection by the way), as well as some visual or gameplay elements. Your character can roll, attack, parry (provided you have the shield) or else run, to speak only of the basic movements.

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For the rest, welcome to a New World. Your hero, of whom we do not know neither the name nor the motivations, is confronted with a vast world in which he must learn everything. Indeed, no tutorial is offered in TUNIConly pages to collect to form a booklet able to guide you in your blind progress. These are the only way to learn how to play or to know the possible interactions of your little fox.

We note, however, that the dialect of the Overworld is incomprehensible and looks like runes. So, even with the pages of the booklet, you will need imagine solutions and applications by combining your knowledge, your tests and all the associated relationships. Each player will choose his path by advancing where he seems to be the most comfortable, that’s what we can tell ourselves when we can’t find the other paths to exploit.

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This is where the title takes on its full meaning since, in total darkness, personal reflection will be one of the keys to your development. Whether it’s the use of your weapons, skills, understanding your HUD or simply the possible actions of your character, all learning is up to you. At the heart of a universe in isometric view, the Overworld will do nothing to make it easier for you. It is possible to find passages, more or less secret, everywhere. If some allow “only” to discover a treasure, the others will be your only way to advance on the path of knowledge.

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The price of reflection

You would have understood it, TUNIC is a maze doubled as a puzzle. Finding your way is not the only problem. The second, and not least, is the one asking you to understand the reason for your presence in these places, but above all the goal of your adventure. Although the title is announced with a lifespan ranging from twelve to twenty hours, depending on the number of secrets discovered, it is nonetheless confusing to find your way and the logical sequence. This is how, despite belonging to the Zelda-like genre, TUNIC can become problematic for neophytes of games requiring the omnipresence of a reflection.

Don’t get me wrong, the title is not impossible and will satisfy the tenors of the genre who will enjoy blocking several minutes, even several hours, on the pattern of an enemy, a puzzle or even an enigma whose resolution will be synonymous of saving joy. However, we warn players looking for an action-adventure video game that wants to be more basic and linear. TUNIC could almost be like art as the style cannot leave the player indifferent, for good or for bad.

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Bestiary in the image of the world

To finalize a very complex set and bounce on the equipment that our little fox can wear, you will have to find weapons and consumables, learn to use them, sometimes discover additional uses, in order to advance in the story or fight the monsters present in the Overworld. Indeed, as if the puzzles and your amnesia were not enough, a fairly extensive bestiary is just waiting to be able to make you regret having set foot in this world. Bosses, elites, basic monsters, the only way to understand them is to face them. Although they increase the difficulty of the title, they allow an escape without putting aside the reflection. Each of them has skills that are unique to them.which will be determined to harm you.

Death at the bend

Finally, to close all this, the requirement of TUNIC blends in perfectly with the look Die and Retry of the title. Indeed, death, although punitive, makes it possible to learn. Like Dark Souls, monsters only respawn when using a save statue. The latter updates the world, but also your different status bars. In case of death, you will come back to life at the last activated and can recover your corpse instead of your death. This last will cause you to lose crystals which represent the only currency of the game and which allow you to obtain equipment and consumables, always without real explanations.

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