The Marseillais in Mexico: Maddy arrives in the adventure, an argument breaks out with Maeva Ghennam

By vanessa

– Posted on Mar 17, 2022 at 8:43 PM

In the episode of the Marseillais in Mexico on Thursday March 17, Maddy arrived in the adventure. A real relief for Benjamin Samat. But for Maeva Ghennam, it’s another story… We explain why in this article.

For several weeks now, the candidates of the Marseillais have been at the Mexico and for some the adventure is more difficult than for others. This is for example the case of paga who is very sorry to be so far from Giuseppa. On his side, Benjamin Samat felt the lack of Maddy more and more. But good news for the latter: the pretty blonde finally arrives in the adventure made in W9! A real relief for the couple who is clearly not used to being separated for so long. And Benjamin Samat was also very happy to present Maddy to new candidates from Marseilles. There is no denying it: he is clearly in love with the young woman!

And in the process, Benjamin Samat informed Maddy that he had also reconciled with Maeva Ghennam. And he counts the refollow on social networks. On the other hand, on his side, Maeva Ghennam does not know if she is still friends with Maddy… She criticizes him for not having invited him to his birthday, while Maeva Ghennam had taken care to invite him to hers. Maddy explains to him then that no candidate from Marseille has been invited. There were only his childhood friends and his family. There was nothing against her… Despite Maddy’s explanations, Maeva Ghennam remains on her position. And the attitude of the beautiful brunette, does not please Benjamin Samat at all!

Maeva Ghennam apologizes to Maddy

Moments after his argument with Maddy, Maeva Ghennam realized that she had gone too far. She then decides to explain herself to her classmate. She lets her know that she loves her very much and loves being on adventures with her. But she was upset that she wasn’t invited to her birthday party. Despite everything, she doesn’t want to be at odds with Maddy. Especially since she reconciled with Benjamin Samat. In the end, the two young women are reconciled very quickly. And Maddy promises to Maeva Ghennam that she will be invited to her next birthday party!

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