why you have to watch this new adventure of the comic duo?

Ultra-popular heroes, Maria and Christian are back and going to see the country in Bodin’s in Thailand. An exotic adventure that will delight their fans.

More than ever, we must laugh! The context is not the most pleasing, so let’s try to clear our heads a little, smile or explode with hilarity if the heart tells us. That’s good, in France, we have a few specialists in the genre. Like Dany Boon, obviously father historical cardboard Welcome to the Ch’tisand who always invests in his roles, as for crazy raid for which he followed in intensive training. When we talk about comedy, how can we not mention the members of Le Splendid, whose films have made generations of spectators laugh, and which were celebrated during the César 2021 ceremony ?

The Bodin’s, “the Daft Punk of humor”!

In the genre, a duo is also strong: the Bodin’s! Between their shows, including Welcome to the Bodins recently broadcast on M6 and their films, the Bodins have been making France laugh for more than twenty-five years. But who is hiding behind Maria, this authoritarian octogenarian mother, and her son Christian, a sentimental and naive 50-year-old boy? If you are unfamiliar with this infernal duo, which was returned to our microphone on his successknow that they are embodied by the actors Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet. And that both define themselves as “the Daft Punk of humor”, nothing less ! Inimitable, the duo also brightens up in the cinema. After Wedding at the Bodins (2008) and Amélie in the land of Bodin’s (2010), the duo travels to much more distant lands.

Change of scenery guaranteed with Bodin’s in Thailand

In Bodin’s in Thailand, released in theaters in November 2021, Marie and Christian therefore leave for Asia to remedy Christian’s depression. Let’s go for a road-trip in necessarily exotic settings. If the clichés are not lacking, the undeniable energy of the duo carries the piece, between multiple antics and scathing replies which smack of common sense, a real specialty of Maria. Fans will therefore get their money’s worth. And have also reserved a real triumph for the film when it was released in theaters, with 1.6 million fans. So don’t hesitate to follow the Bodin’s, and hang in there!

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