Aubenas Adventure and Extreme Sports stay, July 23, 2022, Aubenas.

Adventure and Extreme Sports Stay
from Saturday July 23 to Friday August 5 in Aubenas
This stay is a mixture of discoveries and adventures for the youngest and thrills for the older ones. Your children will stay in the sublime village of Aubenas, in Ardèche, a fabulous and totally exotic place. On the program for all: – Swimming pool – Wave Island Water Park in Monteux – Big Games, Evenings, sports and manual activities, dance with friends… – Walk in town On the program for children under 12: – Kayaking, initiation and small fun descent, with discovery of the fauna and flora. – Quad on “earth track” – Caving – Visit of the Cave of Saint Marcel – Tree climbing – Animal park On the program for +12 years: – Bivouak during the descent of the Ardèche over 2 days. – Canyoning with Aquatic hikes – Tree climbing with Via Ferrata – Karting A complete stay, which allows siblings to meet.
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In the heart of the Ardèche, come and live a fabulous experience

Aubenas aubenas Aubenas Ardeche

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