shock departure of a famous clan, the reasons revealed

The success of the TF1 program Large Families, life in XXL, never ends. And yet, the adventure ends abruptly for one of the tribes! The Objeko team reveals which family will leave the program, and what their plans are for the future.

Large families, life in XXL: success that knows how to renew itself

What a dazzling success for Large Families, Life in XXL! The docu-reality has just started its new season in October 2021, and the success is more than ever there! Since October 11, for the new season, no less than 6 families have joined the adventure: The Fanich, Roméro, Jean Zéphirin, Dunand, Vantorre and Saffré families.

However, at the start, it was a risky bet for TF1. Indeed, this type of program usually has a bad reputation. The participants of programs such as Strip Tease or Tellement Vrai are often the target of public ridicule. We must admit that we love seeing these participants in dysfunctional life, it gives us the impression that ours is not so bad after all!

In Large families, life in XXL, TF1 has decided not to make fun of families, but to show their daily life as it is. Thus, we can witness this extraordinary life where the smallest detail can take on gargantuan proportions. Family meal for 9, 4 infants to feed at the same time, take a whole tribe of children to school. In short, we don’t get bored!

Viewers have loved following these little everyday adventures for 4 years now. We see the children growing up, and even the families welcoming new members, as was the case for the Fanichs!

Fanich family: a friendly and close-knit tribe

The Fanichs have everything of a large harmonious family. Émilie and Franck Fanich, the parents of the small tribe, are respectively childcare assistant in a crèche and governess in a hotel park. They started the new season of the TF1 show with 7 children, and have since welcomed an eighth! At just 35 years old, they lead a full life. As a common thread in the Large Families, life in XXL adventure, Émilie and Franck Fanich plan to buy and completely restore a house. We now know that they have made good progress in their project, which viewers are delighted to discover with each episode.

As for many participants, the small family is very present on social networks. And especially on Instagram, where they tell us more about their daily lives. They have also joined the famous We Events network of influencers, which allows them to make ends meet. Amandine Pellissard, another mother of the program Families numerous, revealed to us there is also little that the families presented do not receive any remuneration from TF1. Unfortunately for fans of the Fanich family, Émilie and Franck have very sad news…

The Fanichs excluded from large families, life in XXL

It’s official, the Fanichs will no longer be part of the Large Families, life in XXL adventure! Their last appearance was in the episode aired on March 10. However, a week later, they taught us on social networks that they no longer participated in the TF1 show. However, they remain rather mysterious about the reasons for this absence: “ Comes for us the hour of the report of our adventure in the emission Large families. Like you, we would have liked to continue the show, but unfortunately, we don’t have our hands on it…“We do not know for the moment more about the real motive which pushed them towards the exit. Franck, however, mentions the possibility of a return: “Maybe we’ll come back later, some families leave and come back, but we don’t know yet.”

Fortunately for fans of the Fanich family, the adventure does not stop at the program Families large! The tribe intends to invest fully in its Youtube channel, as well as on Instagram. Franck Fanich tells us more about their plans: “The next video will arrive next week on the family’s YouTube channel. It will be a home tour of the house. We have nice episodes of our daily life on YouTube for you. That way we don’t lose track.

Will the Fanich manage to find as much success in solo as in Large Families, life in XXL? In any case, that’s all we wish for them!

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