Bruno, from Mougins, embarks on the Married at first sight adventure” on M6

After a successful sixth season in terms of audiences (second best score since the launch in 2016 with nearly 2.8 million viewers on average), the show Married at first sight returns this Monday evening on M6 at 9:10 p.m.

The concept has not changed, from a scientific method kept secret by the production, the two experts, Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter, analyzed the profiles of singles motivated to meet a soul mate and made them pass a series of tests to find them a compatible partner via a compatibility rate between singles. Over this season, the highest rate obtained is 85%. This is how they were able to form 7 couples for this edition.

Wedding in Gibraltar

Each couple designated as compatible by the experts will meet for the first time at the wedding in front of the civil registrar and their family. Since the launch of the show in 2016, 15 couples have agreed to say yes in front of the mayor and four babies have been born. A very popular method since the production company was delighted to have received a record number of applications: nearly 26,000, against 10,000 a year earlier. A seventh season is already planned. New for this seventh season: weddings will no longer be celebrated in Grans in the Bouches-du-Rhône, but in Gibraltar, on the south coast of Spain. This marriage is recognized in France.

A Riviera resident on an adventure

For this new season, a Riviera resident will be part of the adventure since Bruno, 31, from Mougins is one of the happy singles chosen by the experts. Bruno, a civil engineer, has already introduced his parents to the woman he was planning to marry, but everything fell apart in a few days. Since this failure, the young man puts too much pressure on himself… The next woman he will introduce to his parents must be the right one, because in his Portuguese family, with strong traditional values, divorce is not an option. Unable to trust himself again, he puts the choice of a life in the hands of the experts, that of finding him a sweet and cheerful wife, who will accept his large family.

A reluctant family

This very protective man with his family believes so strongly in experience that he is ready to take the risk of marrying an illustrious stranger under the watchful eye of his parents, who are in total disagreement. Because in extracts published on social networks by M6, Bruno’s parents did not understand his choice to go through this program to find a soul mate. “What? No, but there you fell on your head. No, it’s a joke. That’s not funny at all. Can’t choose a woman? I can do it if you want . Someone needs to find him a wife? No, but seriously!”, launched his father, shocked and annoyed. Same story with his mother. “Finally, you continue to make us struggle like in your childhood. You continue to do the 400 blows to us.” The reactions of the families are often very sensitive in Married at first sight. Bruno’s father even makes him understand that the parents were not planning to go to his wedding. But the story telling of the show is there for that. Will Bruno succeed in convincing his parents? Will they come to her wedding? Response on M6.

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