Native of Putanges, Stéphanie Thouroude-Péréa is passionate about mechanical adventures

Stéphanie at the wheel and her co-driver Patricia Boyette.
Stéphanie at the wheel and her co-driver Patricia Boyette. (©Stéphanie Thouroude-Péréa)

Stephanie Thouroude-Pereanative of Putanges-le-Lac (adorns), took part in the rally of “ Adventure Cup which took place in the Sultanate of Omanfrom February 12 to 19, 2022.

The journey of Stéphanie Thouroude-Péréa

Passionate about old cars, this is not her first attempt since she started with the Gazelle Rally in 2011, the 1st women’s rally in the world which takes place in the desert from Morocco.

“For a very long time I’ve wanted to do a rally, and hop it took me like that. With a friend Pascale Huet, we completed our budget in three months and set off on the adventure,” says the pilot from Normandy.

“I’m not necessarily seduced by 4x4s, but it’s still driving and we have to use our brains”

Stephanie Thouroude-Pereapilot, native of Putanges

Using maps, they must calculate longitudes and latitudes.

“Afterwards, in the desert, the difficulty is that we don’t have many landmarks! (laughs)”.

A great success

They are only oriented by the heading (compass and map) and must therefore continually recalculate their routes because crossing the dunes deviates them a little and the crew who covers the least km wins.

“It was a great success for this first, I’m happy because we finished correctly since we were ranked 61st out of 150 participants”

Stephanie Thouroude-Pereapilot, native Putanges

In 2016, he took a new desire to start again on the Rallye des Gazelles before in 2017 changing format with the Rallye des Princesses “which is done over a week”.

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His co-pilot, a gazelle we met in 2016. In the end, the feeling is different.

“It’s a regularity rally, so nothing to do, driving on the open road, respecting the Highway Code, no notion of speed either. It’s not quite my thing, one had her eyes on her timer and I on my speedometer, we didn’t see much of the regions we crossed. I like the difficult routes, the driving technique, but it’s still an experience. »

The funny ladies

From February 12 to 19, 2022, she took part in the Aventura Cup rally in the Sultanate of Oman.

“Without cellphones or GPS, we crossed the whole country, sometimes ochre, white or red. Complicated for us, because we were not used to the road book and we often found ourselves all together on the same point »

Stephanie Thouroude-Pereapilot, native Putanges

On the strength of her experience, Stéphanie prefers 100% feminine “with feminine solidarity, unity and frank laughter”.

She obtained an honorable place there, “since we arrived 9th out of 24 crews. A great adventure in total autonomy that clears your head”.

A 100% female club

Today, Stéphanie wants to achieve, “it’s the creation of a 100% female club of old cars, which does not exist”.

The association will be called the Funny Ladies.

“We would meet up with the girls, we would give each other tips on mechanics, bodywork, spare parts… Evoke the aesthetic side, have another approach to the old car in a festive atmosphere. I would like to organize a rally in the western region and another one below the Loire and participate in various demonstrations of old cars. I already have a few acquaintances, a dozen girls are ready to join me,” explains Stéphanie.

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