MISTER EUROPE: Let the adventure begin!

France Dimanche: What were your days like during the Mister Europe 2017 election?

Yannick Waffler: The rhythm was very fast. We got up every day at 5 a.m. and we finished around 11 p.m. We chained interviews, rehearsals and then there was also the competition. Every day, we had an event that brought us points for the final.

FD: How did the agreement between the candidates go?

YW: Honestly, it was a great experience. We were the last twelve finalists to fly to Mayotte already at the time. We got to know each other, to discover the island and above all, we learned to go beyond our limits and to live together despite the competition. I can assure you that all this experience, in a different culture, marks you for life.

FD: Why did you choose to participate in this beauty contest?

YW: In real life, I am director of finance and administration operations for a department store in Switzerland. To be honest, it was my mother’s dream. I said to myself that it could finally be a great experience so I signed up for Mister Europe and after a casting, I was elected to represent Switzerland.

FD: There is a huge controversy around Miss France, about the pressure they are under and their low remuneration. On your side, have you experienced the same thing?

YW: I knew what I was going to step into. Indeed, the pace is extremely fast, there is pressure from the media, I knew my life was going to change, but I talked a lot with the first runner-up in the previous Mister Europe. This allowed me to imagine, to anticipate, to prepare myself mentally and physically to finally reassure myself about the course of this competition.

FD: We often have a somewhat caricatured image of the people who participate in the beauty contest. How do you respond to that?

YW: People have to understand behind the scenes. In a casting of Miss or Mister, we are not at all judged only on the physical. For Mister Europe, for example, we are looking for “the ideal son-in-law”, that is to say a sporty person, who knows how to cook, who is respectful, who has a good education, a good general knowledge, but also a good job or at least good academic references. You have to imagine that we pass general culture tests and some sometimes score better than journalists! (Laughs)

FD: What has changed in your life since this experience?

YW: Lots of contacts, lifelong friends, but above all self-confidence. It was an experience I will never forget. I totally exceeded my limits, I learned to manage my stress. It made me mature a lot. This adventure has only been beneficial for me.

Andrea Meyer

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